Violence is a consequence of settler colonialism

Flag of Palestine. Photo: Ömer Yildiz, Unsplash

Of: Nagaad Kadir Abdimaxmud

In recent weeks, a war has broken out between Israel and Palestinian Hamas. Several lives have been claimed and many people have lost their homes. Following pressure from the UN and other countries, the parties agreed on a ceasefire on 21 May. Experts believe that the violence is exacerbated by Israel's so-called settler colonialism.

June 1, 2021, News

Campesino struggle for rights in post conflict Colombia

For generations people have been farming the harsh lands in Sumapaz, Colombia. Photo: Nellie Banestig.

Of: Nellie Banestig

Caught between two opposing sides of an armed conflict, campesinos, the farmers of Sumapaz in rural Colombia, have had to face adversity for decades. After the 2016 peace treaty signing between the Colombian state and the FARC guerrillas, things began to improve yet the effects of the conflict are still being felt by many civilians. Campesinos livelihoods are still threatened, as is the strong cultural identity tied to that livelihood. This begs the question; is peace in effect for all of Colombia?

February 25, 2021, Chronicle, English, Guest piece, Magazine

Nuclear weapons are the fateful issue of our time

Every new shutter button installed in a presidential palace anywhere in the world increases the risk of a humane and ecological disaster, the debater writes.

Of: Martin Pudaric

More and more countries are currently preparing for nuclear war. A nuclear war would be a threat to all life on our planet and would pale in comparison to the damaging effects of climate change. Sweden must take a leading role in disarmament and sign the UN Convention against Nuclear Weapons, writes Martin Pudaric from S-students.

November 26, 2019, Debate

Do your new shoes contribute to wars and conflicts?

We often hear that we have to cut back on shopping, but what we may not associate it with is consumption's connection to peace and security, the debater writes.

Of: Alexandra Davidson

Buying new shoes, clothes and mobile phones is part of everyday life in Sweden. But our casual overconsumption does not only create environmental problems. It also contributes to wars and conflicts around the world, writes Alexandra Davidsson at the association Conscious Consumption.

November 20, 2019, Debate

We must take cyber threats seriously

Padlock on keyboard

Digital threats and vulnerabilities greatly affect people's everyday lives. Cyber ​​security should be an issue for the whole society, the debaters write.

Of: Emma Henriksson and Vendela Rupp

Today we are dependent on digital services to shop, read news and keep in touch with each other. This means that our everyday lives can be quickly put out of play through cyber attacks and false information. Cyber ​​threats are not just an issue for countries' defense but for entire societies, write Vendela Rupp and Emma Henriksson.

November 20, 2019, Debate

Religious actors are important in creating peace and development

Priest gives communion

Confidence in religious leaders is in many contexts significantly higher than in politicians and decision-makers, the debaters write.

Of: Amanda Björksell, Jakob Schwarz and Veronica Pålsson

Religious actors are of great importance to people around the world - and therefore also in the work with the global goals. To work for peace between people, to serve one's neighbor and to safeguard creation is a foundation in world religions. As active in the Church of Sweden's Youth and the Church of Sweden, we see no contradiction in a development cooperation that is both faith- and rights-based.

November 19, 2019, Debate

Peace is at stake when contributions to youth organizations decrease

Reducing aid and grants to youth organizations is dangerous for both peace and democracy, writes Emelie Weski. Photo: Thomas Ulrich, Pixabay

Of: Emelie Weski

The organization of young people is one of the most effective preventive measures against armed conflict. This is confirmed by an independent report from the UN Population Fund. To stop financing young people's organization is to counteract sustainable peace. The Social Democrats, the Moderates and the Sweden Democrats get homework, writes Emelie Weski from LSU.

November 18, 2019, Debate

The climate threat must be handled as a security threat

A tornado has wreaked havoc.

Extreme weather such as storms and floods not only cause havoc, but are also a breeding ground for conflicts, the debaters write. The photo was taken after a tornado in Oklahoma, USA.

Of: Aleese Rydlund, Katarina Folkeson and Christopher Åberg

Climate change is one of our absolute greatest threats to peace and security. When more people are to agree on fewer resources, a breeding ground for conflicts is created. Now we must do everything we can to stop the climate crisis - and at the same time prepare for rescue work and refugee reception, write Green students.

November 15, 2019, Debate

New peace threats require new trade policies

Deforestation in Brazil and the debater Lina Arvidsson.

When we buy meat from Brazil, it increases the risk of deforestation. Therefore, the meat trade should be outside the EU's new free trade agreement with Mercosur, writes Lina Arvidsson. Photo: Vinícius Mendonça / Ibama (CC BY 2.0)

Of: Lina Arvidsson

The EU has, since its inception, lived on the idea that trade can ensure peace. In a changing world, the EU must tackle new threats to global peace - namely climate change. This requires a new trade policy. The free trade agreement with the South American countries in Mercosur may mark a turnaround, writes Lina Arvidsson.

November 13, 2019, Debate

Skip the Jasplan - invest in the climate

The Swedish Armed Forces has ordered 60 new Jasplanes. The cost for them corresponds to 3000 wind turbines, the debaters write.

Of: Kerstin Varenius, Sophie Berglund and Tilda Wendefors

The climate is in crisis and the future of humanity is threatened. But instead of investing resources in preventing a climate catastrophe, Sweden is investing billions in preparing for war. We must stop buying expensive Jasplan and spend the money on high-speed trains and solar power parks, write representatives of Svenska Freds in Stockholm.

November 12, 2019, Debate