Magdalena Andersson (S) on the government's budget: "Climate slaughter"

Magdalena Andersson (S) raised, among other things, the climate issue and the green transition in her party leadership speech in Almedalen. Photo: Karin Myrdal.

Of: Julia Lundén Azzeddine, Karin Myrdal and Charlee Salmelin

On Thursday, Magdalena Andersson (S) held her party leadership speech in Almedalen. Among other things, she highlighted how children are affected by Russia's war of aggression in Ukraine and criticized the government's environmental and climate policy.

June 29, 2023, Almedalen - current

Stenevi (MP) criticized the government's aid policy in his party leadership speech

Märta Stenevi (MP) returned to criticism of the Tidö agreement in her Almedal speech, but she also mentioned the consequences of the climate crisis around the world and criticized the government's focus on the rapprochement between trade and aid. Photo: Axel Selin and Nora Nattorp.

Of: Axel Selin and Nora Nattorp

Märta Stenevi (MP) focused on climate, integration and the current government's policy in her party leadership speech. Global issues were generally given little space in the speech, but she touched on, among other things, the oppression of authoritarian leaders around the world and criticized the government's aid policy.

June 29, 2023, Almedalen - current

The M23 rebel group in Congo-Kinshasa - this is how the conflict has escalated

Troops from the Southern African Development Community (SADC) will in the future try to curb the rebel group M23 in eastern Congo-Kinshasa. Pictured: Soldiers from UN peacekeeping forces in 2013 who had been sent to North Kivu province when the M23 rebels were last active. Photo: MONUSCO Photos/Flickr.

Of: Agnes Durbeej-Hjalt

Last fall, the M23 rebel group in eastern Congo-Kinshasa agreed to a ceasefire, mone it was quickly broken. Sthe thirties have continued and over 800 people have been forced to flee since 2021† Now sendr additional African countries troops to the area - and fclay experts fears an intensification of the conflict. - Is the Third Congo War on the way? asks Africa expert Teresa Nogueira pinto 

June 22, 2023, Development magazine explains

Agreement between the EU and Great Britain to prevent tensions in Northern Ireland

In the spring, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen presented the new 'Windsor Framework', which replaces the former Northern Ireland Protocol. Photo: UK Prime Minister. Source: Flickr.

Of: Amanda Rossling

Britain and the EU agree a framework for Northern Ireland and Ireland, after lengthy discussions on the so-called Northern Ireland Protocol - which was signed when the UK left the EU. The framework will simplify trade in the UK and be a means of avoiding tensions between Northern Ireland and Ireland. 

May 12, 2023, Development magazine explains

Week 17: Russia back in the heat? NO!

At the beginning of April, Russia took over the presidency of the UN Security Council, which has been debated during the week. Picture shows Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, holding the chairman's baton. Photo: UN Geneva. Source: Flickr/Pxlfuel.

Of: Agnes Durbeej-Hjalt and Nora Nattorp

Russia recently took over the presidency of the UN Security Council, and the country continues to seek new ways back into the international political arena, which has been debated on Swedish debate and editorial pages during the past week. Even 11-year-olds Murhaf Hamid's sale of Majblommor has been discussed in connection with Sweden's migration policy.  

May 2, 2023, Current debate

Week 16: Debaters in appeal against international surrogate trade

Several debaters demand that Sweden immediately introduce a ban on international surrogate arrangements. Photo: Tumisu. Source: Pixabay.

Of: Ellen Norman

About 30 debaters wants to ban international surrogacy arrangements. They believe that Swedish citizens take advantage of vulnerable women in poor countries. Russia's invasion of Ukraine has also been discussed during the past week - and Aftonbladet's editorial writer mean to the West should do more to support Ukraine.

April 24, 2023, Current debate

Six years after the mass exodus – continued great uncertainty for the Rohingya

The refugee camps in Bangladesh are temporary homes with substandard security for nearly a million Rohingya who have fled Myanmar. Photo: Fahmin Ahmed. Source: Flickr.

Of: Nora Nattorp

Nearly one million Rohingya have fled their homeland of Myanmar to the Cox's Bazar region of Bangladesh due to persecution and conflict with the military government. For the people in the camp, resources are scarce and security substandard. And despite efforts to help rohingya, both in the home country and internationally, is the situation still unpredictable. 

April 21, 2023, Report

Government critic Rusesabagina released in Rwanda

Paul Rusesabagina was released from prison in Rwanda at the end of March, where he was sentenced despite his denial of terrorist offences. He has now been allowed to return to his family, who have been living in the United States for some time now. Image: ABC Reconciliation Forum. Source: Flickr.

Of: Agnes Durbeej-Hjalt

At the end of March, government critic Paul was released Rusesabagina, who is portrayed in the film Hotel Rwanda, suddenly from prison. He was convicted in 2021 over his denials of sponsoring rebel groups that carried out deadly attacks in the country, but the trial has been criticized by several countries and human rights organizations for being politically motivated. Now Paul has Rusesabagina allowed to return to his family in the United States – but at the price of a promise that stop get involved in Rwandan politics.  

April 18, 2023, News

Attempts at rapprochement between Armenia and Turkey

Khor Virap church with Mount Ararat towering in the background. The mountain is considered a holy place for Armenia, but it is on the Turkish side of the border. The relationship between the countries has long been strained, but in recent times they have made some attempts to normalize the relationship. Photo: Diego Delso. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Of: Sara Lannebo

Attempten to improving the strained relationship between Turkey and Armenia has under the last few months have had new air under their wings. The border between the countries, that has been closed since the 90s, was opened in February for Armenia to deliver aid to the earthquake affected areas of Turkey. But the deep wounds left by the 1915 Armenian Genocide and Turkey's close relationship with Azerbaijan remain one obstacles to reconciliation.

April 5, 2023, FUF-correspondents, Report

"I fight on the front line of education"

Iryna Yetskalo has founded an educational center for Ukrainian children and youth in Timisoara, Romania. Her experiences in education are her weapon in the war against Russia: "I try to do everything I can for Ukraine," she says. Photo: Daniel Díaz.

Of: Daniel Diaz

The contractor Iryna Yeti scale escaped the war i Ukraine and started one training center i Romania. Where being taught ukraine children and young people that has needed leave his country but want to liabilities leave his study. - We do is so I tjanar my country, says Iryna Yeti scale. 

April 4, 2023, FUF-correspondents, Report