Week 41: Debate on Sweden's recognition of Palestine

Bombings are taking place in several places in both Israel and Palestine in the conflicts between Israel and the terrorist organization Hamas. The escalated conflict has been discussed among several Swedish debaters and editorial writers during the past week. Photo: Wafa. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Of: Ellinor Berglund

Den latest of the time The development of violence in Israel and Palestine has probably not gone unnoticed. Israel has declared war on the terrorist organization Hamas and thousands of civilian lives have been claimed on both sides. On Swedish debate- and leader pager have debates above all shopped om Sweden's aid to Palestine and om Sweden should dra back his seat recognition of Palestine or not 

October 16, 2023, Current debate

Romania's resources are running out for Ukrainian refugees

Changes in the financial support for Ukrainian refugees in Romania have meant that some of them have had to move from their own accommodation to refugee centres. At a center in Bucharest, two to four people live in each one-room apartment. Photo: Daniel Díaz.

Of: Daniel Diaz

Many Ukrainians who have fled Russia's war of invasion and come to Romania have found themselves in a vulnerable economic situation. The Romanian government has changed the financial support package for the refugees and the country's largest refugee center, Romexpo, is receiving fewer and fewer donations. - I have sold things to afford to live, says Tanya, who fled the Ukrainian city of Odessa in the spring of 2022.

September 20, 2023, FUF-correspondents, Report

Week 37: Debaters want to put more pressure on the Iranian regime

It has been a year since Mahsa Jina Amini was murdered by the moral police in Iran. The murder was the starting point for furious protests against the mullahs' regime. On the anniversary of the murder, several Swedish debaters question whether Sweden and the EU have really put enough pressure on Iran. Pictured: A demonstration in Melbourne, Australia, in solidarity with the women of Iran a week after the assassination in 2022. Photo: Mark Hkrac. Source: Flickr.

Of: Agnes Durbeej-Hjalt

Last week was the anniversary of the murder mahsa Name Believe in Iran. At the same time, the Swedish EU official Johan Floderus has been imprisoned for over 500 days. Several debaters are now demanding that Sweden and the EU pursue a stricter policy towards Iran.

September 18, 2023, Current debate

More and more countries are building border walls - not stopping migrants

France is one of the countries that has built a border wall to prevent irregular migration and fight terrorism. Pictured: Demonstration against border controls in Calais. Photo: police62. Source: Wikimedia commons.

Of: Vendela Permat's Hammarbäck

Several countries are tightening their border controls and building border walls to reduce the influx of refugees and migrants. France is one of the countries that has built a border wall for this reason. At the same time, a study shows that border walls do not stop migration. 

July 11, 2023, FUF-correspondents, Report

The annexation of Palestine is gaining momentum in connection with Israel's new far-right government

The sheep herder Abu Ahmad has herded his sheep for decades on the same land in Ras al Tin, but as Israel annexes Palestinian land, the space he is allowed to stay is shrinking, says Rebecca Henley, a former companion in Israel and Palestine. Photo: Rebecca Henley.

Of: Rebecca Henley

The annexation of Palestine continues at full speed, at the same time that Sweden's government is sharply cutting aid to Palestine. The Palestinian feverything asks us to tell their stories, but how long can the outside world continue to turn a blind eye? This is written by Rebecca Henley, former companion in Israel and Palestine. 

July 11, 2023, Guest chronicle

Former companion: "Developments in the Jordan Valley are worrying"

A large number of new Israeli outposts in the West Bank and reclassification of land long used by Palestinians. Carl-Magnus Träff, political scientist and former companion in Israel and Palestine, believes that this is the reason why the companions are reporting more and more violations of human rights in the Jordan Valley. Pictured: The Israeli outpost near Ein Shibli. Photo: Carl-Magnus Träff. 

Of: Carl-Magnus Meeting

After being out for three months as fbrewers in Palestine and Israel can I state that the development in the Jordan Valley, on the av Israel occupied The West Bank, is worrying. New Israeli outposts and reclassification of land makes it difficult to consider what is happening as anything other than annexation. It writes Carl-Magnus Träff, political scientist and former companion. 

July 11, 2023, Guest analysis

Johan Persson (L) touched on the climate issue and security in his party leadership speech

During his Almedal speech, Johan Pehrson (L) focused primarily on domestic political issues, but Ukraine and the climate issue also took up part of the speech.

Of: Shayan Shahmohammadi and Felizia Livskog

Under Saturdayon the morning of Almedalen's last day, the Liberals' Johan Pehrson held his position party leaderspeech. Pehrson spoke a little about global issues, among which he mentioned the climate issue and security in Europe. Otherwise touched he almost exclusively domestic policetical issues such as school, integration, welfare and crime. 

July 1, 2023, Almedalen - current

Friday at Almedal Week: Security issues and China's presence in Africa

Security issues and China's presence on the African continent were two topics FUF covered during Thursday in Almedalen.

Of: The Chancellery

During Friday, Ebba Busch (KD) and Nooshi Dadgostar (V) held their party leadership speeches in Almedalen. Both focused on domestic politics, but mentioned, among other things, Russia's war in Ukraine. FUF interviewed, among others, Björn Cappelin from the Foreign Policy Institute about China's increasing presence and investments in Africa. - There are fears that the prosperity these investments are supposed to generate will not really reach the broad population, he says.

July 1, 2023, Almedalen - current

Ebba Busch (KD) on Sweden's NATO application: "Turkey should be grateful"

Ebba Busch (KD) mentioned various peace and security issues in her party leadership speech in Almedalen on Friday evening, including Russia's invasion of Ukraine and Sweden's NATO application. "Russia's prospects for influence in Sweden must be zero," she said. Otherwise, she mostly focused on domestic politics in the speech. Photo: Charlee Salmelin.

Of: Julia Lundén Azzeddine, Karin Myrdal and Charlee Salmelin

Ebba Busch (KD) touched on both Russia's invasion of Ukraine and Turkey in her party leadership speech in Almedalen on Friday evening. However, the majority of the speech dealt with domestic political issues and global issues were raised only with Swedish interests in focus.

July 1, 2023, Almedalen - current

Nooshi Dadgostars (V) focused on domestic politics in his Almedal speech

Nooshi Dadgostar (V) touched on Russia's war of invasion in Ukraine in his party leadership speech. Otherwise, she mostly focused on domestic politics. Photo: Axel Selin and Nora Nattorp.

Of: Axel Selin and Nora Nattorp

On Friday morning, the Left Party's Nooshi Dadgostar held the annual party leaderthe number in Almedalen. Dadgostar's speech was entirely about domestic policy, and she gave little space to global issues. 

June 30, 2023, Almedalen - current