The Need for Small-Scale Rural Renewable Energy Projects in Development

Solar energy is often successfully used in small-scale renewable energy projects Photo: Berkeley Lab /

Of: Ian Granite

With the increasing focus on decarbonizing the world's energy systems, it is easy to forget that approximately a billion people worldwide live without access to electricity. Without it, clean water, transportation, education, and many more aspects of everyday life become inaccessible. 

April 27, 2021, Chronicle, English, Magazine

Five challenges - five opportunities for you, Isabella!

Of: Matthias Goldmann

Isabella Lövin has been given a new title. Instead of a Minister for Development Aid, Sweden now has a Minister for International Development Cooperation and Climate. The title opens up new opportunities, writes Mattias Goldmann, CEO of the green and liberal think tank Fores, which here in an open letter delivers five challenges to the minister.

May 27, 2016, Debate

The Nordic region should take a leading role in the sustainability transition

Of: Pontus Wallin

The Nordic countries are secure democracies with stable economies. We have a high standard of living and our ecological footprints are among the largest in the world. Therefore, the Nordic countries should take on a common leadership role during and after the climate negotiations in Paris. That is the opinion of Pontus Wallin, who wrote one essay on climate responsibility.

December 1, 2015, Debate

Smart economy is equal and green

Of: Linnéa Engström

The climate issue and the fight for gender equality are intimately linked. With today's economic thinking, both are seen as a negative cost that hinders growth. Something as basic as clean air, clean water and a non-toxic environment for our children should be considered as basic rules of the game for our market economy. But this is where our current economic system went wrong and now we are here with the result and facing an economic, ecological and social catastrophe. That is the opinion of Linnéa Engström, candidate for the European Parliament for the Green Party.

May 15, 2014, Debate