Sweden should give visas to people on the run

Of: Madelaine Seidlitz

While we peacefully celebrate Midsummer in Sweden, millions of people in the world are fleeing. Some lose their lives on the road to a closed Europe, others are imprisoned by criminal gangs in Libya. Sweden should set a good example and give humanitarian visas to people who want to seek asylum, writes Madelaine Seidlitz at Amnesty International.

June 18, 2015, Debate

Has the Lampedusa disaster marked a turning point in EU immigration policy?

Of: Patricia Schneider

The tragic boat accident off Lampedusa on 3 October 2013 has helped to highlight the structural problems of the EU's immigration policy. According to this, immigration to the EU is seen primarily as a security problem. The EU and the Member States should take the opportunity to tackle the problem from several angles, and show responsibility and solidarity towards the people who are forced to flee. It writes Patricia Schneider, researcher at the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy, Hamburg.

December 27, 2013, Debate