Environmental migrant or climate refugee - why are definitions so important?

Does it matter what you call people fleeing their homes due to climate change?

Of: Jennifer Augustsson and Johanna Sundbeck

By 2050, an estimated 143 million people will be forced to flee their homes due to climate change. Whether they should be called climate refugees or environmental migrants is widely discussed, which means that many people on the run fall between the cracks with life-changing consequences.

June 28, 2019, Report

The EU is facing a fateful choice

Voting in the EU election

Sunday's election to the European Parliament is a fateful election for democracy and human rights, writes Anna Stenvinkel on Forum Syd. Photo: Per Wilkens

Of: Anna Stenwinkel

On Sunday, the Swedish people go to the polls again. Now it's about what Europe we want and what voice the EU should have in the world. At a time when threats to democracy and human rights are increasing, the EU's role as a global player is more important than ever, writes the aid organization Forum Syd.

May 24, 2019, Debate

A Europe for all - not just the richest

The Left Party wants to see an EU where class divisions are fought and where skin color has no bearing on how you are treated, writes Rebar Alnazar.

Of: Rebar Alnazar

The Left Party wants to see a Europe where democracy is self-evident, where class divisions are fought, where green technology is the way forward and where your skin color should have no bearing on how you are treated. We want a Europe for everyone - not just the richest, writes Rebar Alnazar.

May 24, 2019, Debate

Liberals: We must not make the EU right, we must make the EU better

We want to develop the EU and cooperate more - not less, write the Liberals Caroline Rhawi and Anders Rehnberg.

Of: Anders Rehnberg and Caroline Rhawi

The EU is our most important tool for countering the climate threat, tackling crime and achieving world peace and freedom. Therefore, we want to expand cooperation to a European FBI, a common climate policy and a unified foreign policy, write the liberals Caroline Rhawi and Anders Rehnberg.

May 24, 2019, Debate

Hello EU parliamentarians! Work harder for decent jobs!

Decent working conditions are crucial for both poverty reduction and climate change, writes Union to Union.

Of: Ruben Wågman

On Sunday, there are elections to the European Parliament and a lot is about the EU's internal issues. But the EU is also an important foreign policy player, not least in its role as the world's largest donor. That is why it is extremely important that the newly elected Swedish parliamentarians invest from day one in ensuring that EU aid is focused on decent and sustainable jobs.

May 23, 2019, Debate

Take responsibility for migrants in Libya, EU!

Migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean in a crowded raft

Many migrants in Libya are trying to cross the Mediterranean in overcrowded boats. Some are stopped by the Libyan coast guard, which is funded by the EU.

Of: Louise Grabo

For migrants, one of the few routes to the EU goes through Libya and across the Mediterranean. The situation in Libya is horrible and many migrants are dying at sea. Now the EU must take responsibility. Makes it possible to seek asylum outside the EU's borders and allow more people to come as labor migrants, writes Louise Grabo, who is running for the European Parliament for the Center Party.

May 22, 2019, Debate

The EU must prioritize global justice

Coal-fired power plants in Germany and floods in Somalia.

Despite the fact that the EU accounts for a large part of climate emissions, it is poor countries and people who are hardest hit by climate change, writes Malte Roos.

Of: Malte Roos

The EU has long been of great benefit to the Member States and their development. Now the EU must also look to the outside world and prioritize global justice over its own economic and security interests. It writes Malte Roos who is running for the European Parliament for the Green Party.

April 26, 2019, Debate

EU assistance should not be used for defense purposes

Police car checks the border between Ungen and Serbia.

The EU aid budget may be increasingly financed by EU border controls, believes debater Bodil Valero. Photo: Bőr Benedek (CC BY 2.0)

Of: Body Valero

Tomorrow, the EU will vote to merge several different programs for financing foreign and development cooperation. This can shift the focus from poverty reduction to safeguarding the EU's own interests. EU aid money should not go to defense purposes or to stop refugees at the borders, writes environmentalist Bodil Valero.

March 26, 2019, Debate