Human rights organizations stopped new defense decree in Ecuador

Ecuador's Ombudsman Freddy Carrión Intriago has an important role to play in defending human rights. Photo: Defensoría del pueblo

Of: Jessica Johansson

A new decree in Ecuador is criticized for increasing the military's presence during protests and for allowing deadly violence against protesters. Human rights organizations stopped the decree in the Constitutional Court - with the help of the country's Ombudsman. The Development Magazine has spoken to the noted Ombudsman.

July 17, 2020, FUF-correspondents

Swedish municipalities and regions can make a difference

Johan Lily

Johan Lilja thinks that Swedish regions and municipalities have an important role to play internationally. Photo: Maria Jansson

Of: Johan Lily

The corona pandemic threatens already strained human rights around the world. It is now more important than ever with democratic institutions at the local level to function. Here, Swedish municipalities and regions with their knowledge and experience can make a difference, writes Johan Lilja at the International Center for Local Democracy.

July 15, 2020, Debate

Corona measures create new protests in Ecuador

Fernando Bastías Robayo in Guayaquil, Ecuador

Fernando Bastías Robayo from the local human rights organization CDH reported during protests in the city of Guayaquil. Photo: Standing Committee on the Defense of Human Rights (CDH)

Of: Jessica Johansson

In the autumn, Ecuador was shaken by mass protests after the government wanted to introduce a austerity package in the country. In May, new protests erupted against the government's corona measures. The government is now worried about the spread of infection while human rights organizations report violence.

July 3, 2020, FUF-correspondents

Covid-19 creates an acute crisis for democracy

Hand with the text "Stop covid-19"

Authoritarian leaders use the corona crisis as an excuse to, among other things, restrict freedom of expression, writes Anders L Pettersson.

Of: Anders L Pettersson

Repressive regimes around the world see covid-19 as a free card for persecuting and imprisoning human rights defenders. At the same time, the outside world is distracted by the pandemic. Now we must defend democracy by supporting civil society and human rights defenders - not least in authoritarian states, writes Anders L Pettersson on Civil Rights Defenders.

June 8, 2020, Guest chronicle

Debaters warn of violence and oppression in the wake of the coronation

When schools are closed around the world, the risk of girls being exposed to violence increases, Plan International writes in a debate article.

Of: Ina Carlsson

The corona virus is still a common thread in the media's opinion pages, but in the last week the debate has been less about the disease itself and more about how the measures affect democracy and human rights. Debaters have, among other things, warned of increased violence against girls and human rights defenders.

April 29, 2020, Current debate

Do not let the corona knock out democracy!

In several countries, the police and military brutally beat down people who violate the curfew. Photo: Gerd Altmann / Pixabay

Of: Anna Stenwinkel

Increased police violence, censorship and attacks on the opposition. These are some of the effects of more and more authoritarian regimes around the world using the corona crisis to gain more power. The aid organization Forum Syd is now calling on the government to use the democracy initiative to protect democracy and human rights from the coronavirus.

April 27, 2020, Debate

Chilean women find it more difficult to mobilize in the corona crisis

Feminist demonstration in Chile

Before the corona crisis, lots of women were out demonstrating for gender equality in Chile. Photo: Carlos Punto Pizarro

Of: Julia Spaton Goppers

One month ago, more than a million Chilean women gathered on the streets of the capital, Santiago. They demonstrated against sexual violence and for economic reforms in the country. But now the coronavirus has increased domestic violence - and the mobilization for gender equality has become more difficult.

April 9, 2020, News

Sweden should recognize Western Sahara

It occupied Western Sahara

Large parts of Western Sahara are occupied by Morocco. Jan Strömdahl thinks that Sweden should recognize Western Sahara as a country. Photo: YoTuT (CC BY 2.0) and private

Of: Jan Strömdahl

Despite the fact that Western Sahara is occupied in a similar way to Palestine, few in Sweden are aware of the situation there. Sweden should now recognize Western Sahara as a country, strengthen aid and boycott products from the occupied territory. It writes Jan Strömdahl from the Swedish Western Sahara Committee.

April 8, 2020, Debate

Debaters demand action when Hungary becomes a dictatorship

Viktor Orbán

Under a new law, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán can govern the country entirely himself, without obtaining parliamentary approval. Photo: European People's Party (CC BY 2.0)

Of: Sarah Hyde

The corona pandemic has strengthened anti-democratic movements in several places. It is clearest in Hungary, where Viktor Orbán now controls himself for an indefinite future. The message from this week's debaters is unanimous: the EU must act vigorously against the dictatorship's Hungary.

April 2, 2020, Current debate