Give Africa time and space to develop

Of: Göran Hyden

During the African-American summit "US-Africa Leaders Summit", Anders Borg will discuss how development-promoting institutions in Africa can be promoted. In these discussions, it is often overlooked that democracy and development rarely go hand in hand. That democracy and human rights should be prerequisites for development is more an expression of wishful thinking than objectivity. It writes Göran Hydén, professor emeritus of political science and African connoisseur.

August 6, 2014, Debate

New forms of aid are needed to strengthen democracy

Of: Anna Lekvall

Despite the rhetorical support of donor countries for democratic development, direct democracy support accounts for only 2% of the world's total aid. At the same time, the recipient countries 'democratic processes are hindered by the donor countries' optimistic analyzes and detailed demands in other areas. Aid can be better at including citizens and other democratic actors to contribute to change from below. That is the opinion of Anna Lekvall, current with the new book "Development first, democracy later?"

June 5, 2014, Debate

Elections in India: Sweden must safeguard the human rights of minorities

Of: Eva Christina Nilsson and Yasri Khan

This week marks the end of the general election in India's largest democracy in India. With its 1,2 billion inhabitants, the country is home to people who belong to the major religions of the world. There is a tradition of religious tolerance, but the expected success of the Hindu nationalist party BJP is causing concern among the country's religious minorities. The Swedish government must be vigilant about what a change of government can mean. At the same time as Sweden has ended its bilateral aid to India, problems remain and in the continued contacts, the government must stand up for human rights. It is written by Eva Christina Nilsson and Yasri Khan

May 12, 2014, Debate

Sida and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should immediately support Ukraine's democratic forces

Of: Alexander Mazurkin and Henrik G Ehrenberg

Sweden can and should immediately, through Sida and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, support forward-looking parties and organizations that want to create a functioning democratic culture in Ukraine. That is the opinion of Henrik G Ehrenberg and Alexander Mazurkin at the Christian Democratic International Center.

February 26, 2014, Debate