Many Swedish companies are too streamlined for CSR

Of: Frida Hjärtman

Utvecklingsmagasinet talks with Marianne Bogle from CSR Sweden about how Swedish companies work with responsibility and sustainability issues, so-called CSR issues. As operations manager for an actor who works for goal 17 on partnership, she describes how Swedish companies are good at, among other things, environmental and climate issues. But there are still obstacles for companies to fully promote the work towards sustainability goals and too strong a focus on efficiency and growth in Swedish companies hinders the prioritization of CSR.

June 24, 2021, Interview

World Cup sponsors must act for human rights

Photo:, WikimediaCommons

Of: Alice Blondel

Today is the Swedish premiere of the World Cup in Russia. Several organizations have sounded the alarm that human rights have been violated during the preparations for the championship. Companies that sponsor Sweden's participation have a responsibility to try to prevent such violations, but a new report from Swedwatch shows a gap between policy and practice. It is time for the sponsors to go from word to deed, writes Swedwatch's Chancellor Alice Blondel.

June 18, 2018, Debate

The OECD demands that multinational companies take responsibility for sustainable development

The OECD wants companies to take responsibility for the entire production chain. Photo: USAID Pakistan

Of: Agnes Duregård

The OECD has developed special guidelines for multinational companies to make companies take responsibility for their entire supply chain. Multinational companies must both work preventively and take responsibility for the consequences the business may have in low- and middle-income countries.

May 3, 2018, FUF-correspondents

Time for the big companies to open up about the tax

Of: Christine Von Sydow

The fact that the majority of Sweden's 61 largest companies withhold tax information that should actually be public means that we currently do not know whether companies hinder or contribute to development and justice in the countries in which they are active. As the responsibility for fair taxation lies not only with companies, but also with the Swedish government, Sweden within the OECD and at EU level should work to make it mandatory for companies to report tax at country level and account for actual ownership. That is the opinion of Christine von Sydow, Secretary General of ActionAid

December 9, 2013, Debate

Wanted: Venture capital without requirements for bonuses and profit maximization

Of: Matthias Wengelin

Safe Waters Foundation Africa has been fighting for ten years to create a financially sustainable sea rescue organization for Lake Victoria in Africa, but lacks an arena for social entrepreneurship. Mattias Wengelin, head of operations, is now calling for venture capital, preferably with a claim for repayment, but without a claim for a refund and profit maximization.

October 25, 2013, Debate