We do not buy ourselves into a sustainable world

On Kungsgatan, one of Gothenburg's most popular shopping streets, shopping people often meet recruiters from various organizations. Photo: News Øresund / Jenny Andersson. Source: Flickr.

Of: Agnes Von Unge

Today, non-profit organizations often use member recruiters in the city to raise money for their businesses. At the same time, the change needed in the consumer society requires that organizations also change their fundraising strategies.

March 10, 2022, Chronicle

That is why it is important to spread knowledge about the world

Johanna Wolf, non-profit active in FUF Stockholm

Of: Johanna Wolff and Max Ericson

The world is getting smaller with digitalisation. At the same time, we also see how complex the world is and that the challenges can be difficult to solve when we are not working together or towards the same goal. But why is it important that we have knowledge of the world and all the challenges we face? Read more about what our two non-profit active members from FUF think about this. They talk about the importance of finding their glow and getting a platform to express themselves.

February 8, 2021, Chronicle

Trust and confidence are crucial to strengthening democracy

The power of civil society needs to be harnessed to reverse the anti-democratic trend. Photo from Women's March in Washington DC, October 2020. Photo: Mobilus In Mobili (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/)

Of: Ida Kronberg

Democracy is on the decline in the world, and the global health crisis created by the corona pandemic poses further challenges. This was discussed during the seminar "Democracy, human rights and the pandemic - impact and opportunities", organized by International IDEA.

November 6, 2020, Chronicle

Can digital development alleviate the consequences of pandemics for marginalized groups? 

Digital development is predicted to alleviate the consequences of pandemics for vulnerable groups. It requires states to work to ensure that access to connectivity is equal and inclusive. Photo: Pixabay / Myriams_Fotos.

Of: Björn Luthander

Digital development is increasingly highlighted as an effective way to deal with the pandemic. Especially in international development cooperation. But a non-inclusive transition risks increasing the digital exclusion of marginalized groups. 

November 5, 2020, Analysis

Life goes on in Gorkha after the earthquake

Meeting with Sneha Gurung (far left) and the other women in the group who learned how to make Dhaka clothes. Photo: Nikolina Stålhand / IM

Of: Nikolina Stålhand

On April 25, 2015, life changed completely for many people in Nepal. The earthquake that occurred measured 7,5 on the Richter scale and was the strongest in just over 80 years. 9000 people died, almost 30 were injured and the material damage amounted to billions. Although many people are still living in the suites of this disaster, it is a […]

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June 11, 2018, FUF-correspondents

Half the people - half the power?

Of: Janina Rosvall, Sayran Eliassi

Historical feminist victories that have taken generations to achieve are in danger of being lost. The scope for civil society, and in particular the women's movement, to organize and demand their rights risks shrinking - even in democracies such as Sweden. FUF-bladet meets influence and policy adviser Charlotte Pruth at Kvinna till Kvinna to discuss the conditions for power for the global women's movement.

May 24, 2018, Interview

New perspectives on migration from Canada

Joseph Shabason participates in the Canadian Integration Program to share the privileges he received from growing up in Canada. Photo: Anna Aigrot

Of: Anna Aigrot and Astrid Aigrot

In search of positive perspectives and ideas, at a time when the debate over refugee reception and integration is getting darker, we sought across the Atlantic to Canada to learn more about the country's "Privately Sponsored Refugees" (PSR) program. During two weeks in Canada, we met with representatives from government actors, activists and a total of 15 private sponsors. It […]

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March 28, 2018, FUF-correspondents

FUF magazine: theme Power

Of: Sophia Triana Flores

Writing about the concept of "power" can be tricky. The self-perceived oppression of power can differ significantly depending on the different conditions we live with. But writing about the difficult-to-define concept of "power" is also about highlighting the privileges that we may not consciously think of. This may be about the balance of power between producers and consumers, people […]

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March 27, 2018, Chronicle

Swedish arms trade makes it more difficult for civil societies

Of: Annie Matundu Mbambi, Annika Forests, Ayo Ayoola-Amale, Edwick Madzimure, Micheline Muzaneza, Pascasie Barampama and Sylvie N'dongmo

Democratic space is shrinking and voices are being silenced. Around the world, freedom of expression has become increasingly threatened. Now Sweden must take its responsibility and stop exporting weapons to countries that imprison human rights activists and restrict freedom of assembly, writes the International Women's Union for Peace and Freedom.

June 20, 2017, Debate