Come and review the cut in aid

Of: Nils Traveller

International aid is facing the biggest cut in modern times. The money that today goes to education and health care can soon be eaten up by expensive peacekeeping efforts. To find out what the consequences will be, Blank Spot Project today launches an open review of development assistance, writes journalist Nils Resare.

December 16, 2015, Debate

Reductions in Swedish development assistance could affect smallholders in Paraguay

Of: Agnar Kjeller and Juan Felix Martinez Garcia

Next year, almost a third of the development assistance budget may be used to finance the reception of refugees. In the long run, maybe even more. We want to share the great concern this decision creates for people in Paraguay - one of many countries where Swedish development aid makes crucial differences, write agronomists Juan Felix Martinez Garcia and Agnar Kjeller.

December 10, 2015, Debate

Aid saves lives

Of: Ann Svensén, Anna Hägg-Sjöquist, Annica Sohlström, Bo Forsberg, Daniel Grahn, Eva Christina Nilsson, Gunnel Axelsson Nycander, Johanna Sandahl, Magnus Falklöf, Maria Andersson, Niclas Lindgren and Sofia Walan

Every fifth aid krona is used today to handle refugee reception in Sweden. The fact that the government is now investigating whether it is possible to take additional funds from Swedish development assistance, as much as 60 percent, risks increasing the number of people who are forced to flee. It writes representatives of twelve aid organizations.

November 6, 2015, Debate

So much of the Swedish development assistance is used in Sweden

Of: Jan Pettersson and Sonja Daltung

Today, a new report is presented which shows that 19 percent of Swedish development assistance is used in Sweden, including for refugee reception. In the debate, there are many opinions about how development assistance is used here at home, but there has not previously been a clear mapping of it. We hope that our report contributes to an increased understanding of how state aid is organized, write Sonja Daltung and Jan Pettersson at the Expert Group for Aid Analysis (EBA).

February 24, 2015, Debate