Week 3: The threat to Ukraine could overshadow the crisis in Bosnia

The security situation in Europe has continued to be the focus of Swedish debate pages - both regarding the threat to Ukraine and the situation in Bosnia. Photo: dlugo_svk. Source: Pixabay.

Of: Alice Eriksson and Hibo Yusuf Ahmed

Over the past week, the security situation in Europe has continued to be a large part of the Swedish debate. Both the military mobilization on the border with Ukraine and the crisis in Bosnia have attracted attention.

January 24, 2022, Current debate

Week 2: The NATO issue is brought to the forefront with Russia's demands for a sphere of interest

The question of whether Sweden should maintain its security policy line or adopt a so-called NATO option has divided the Swedish debate over the past week. Photo: Canva.

Of: Andreas Klawitter and Beata Sjödahl

The NATO issue has once again become highly topical after the deteriorating security situation in Europe and the Swedish debate has centered on the adoption of a NATO option. The Church Board's investigation of Israel and the crisis in Bosnia has also been the subject of last week's debate.

January 17, 2022, Current debate