Is the general perception of Swedish development assistance realistic?

Photo: TLC Jonhson, Flickr

Of: Melanie Alphonse

Sweden has dedicated its development aid budget to fighting poverty and creating better conditions for people living in poverty to change their lives. I have heard of people who think that the development assistance budget goes to corrupt countries, but what is the general perception of development assistance in Sweden?

April 13, 2021, Chronicle

Reply: Swedish aid is needed more than ever

Of: Pavlos Cavelier Bizas

MUF Uppsala County's second vice chairman Andreas Celan argues that the Swedish development assistance budget needs to be reduced with reference to the fact that the money is not used efficiently and goes to corruption. We at SSU are of a different opinion: the development assistance budget should not be reduced and the 1% target should be defended, writes Pavlos Cavelier Bizas, chairman of SSU Uppland.

March 18, 2021, Debate

Why should we continue with aid in 2020?

In connection with natural disasters such as the cyclone in Mozambique, large and increasing amounts are still being collected. But there are many other motives for the aid, writes the aid expert Lennart Wohlgemuth. Photo: Africom (CC BY 2.0)

Of: Lennart Wohlgemuth

Ever since we started with Swedish official development assistance, solidarity has been the most important motive for providing support to the world's poor in their quest for development. In recent years, that motive has been increasingly questioned. But there are also other important motives for continuing with aid, writes aid expert Lennart Wohlgemuth.

March 2, 2020, Debate