Jimmie Åkesson (SD) has little to say about global issues in his Almedal speech

Jimmie Åkesson (SD) briefly mentioned the Ukraine war in his party leadership speech during Almedalen Week. Otherwise, he did not mention global issues. Photo: Alice Eriksson and Sandra Duru.

Of: Alice Eriksson, Sandra Duru and Tanya

In Jimmie Åkesson's (SD) party leadership speech during Almedalen Week, he mentioned, among other things, how Putin's actions against Ukraine have shaken the outside world. Apart from the war in Ukraine, and the proposal to place convicted persons in prisons abroad, Jimmie Åkesson did not mention foreign or development aid issues. Instead, he focused on domestic policy and directing criticism at the current government.

July 6, 2022, Almedalen - article, News

Johan Pehrson (L) highlighted democracy aid and NATO in his Almedal speech

In Johan Perhrson's (L) party leadership speech during Almedalen Week, he raised several foreign policy issues - including the EU, NATO and Swedish democracy assistance.

Of: Julia Lundén Azzeddine, Andreas Klawitter and Elin Malmqvist

"The school's biggest champion". This is how the Liberals' party leader Johan Pehrson was introduced at Tuesday's second party leadership speech during Almedalen Week 2022. When Pehrson left Sweden and the school world for a while, he highlighted, among other things, the security policy situation in the world and Swedish democracy assistance. 

July 6, 2022, Almedalen - article, News

Sweden's role in the world did not find a place in Ebbas Busch's (KD) party leadership speech in Almedalen

The Christian Democrats' party leader Ebba Busch did not raise global development issues in her party leadership speech during Almedalen Week. Photo: Fanny Tegman Lindholm.

Of: Fanny Tegman Lindholm, Hibo Yusuf Ahmed and Andrea Thorgren

Neither foreign policy nor development aid issues were mentioned in Ebba Busch's (KD) party leadership speech at Almedalen Week. Instead, the protection of the so-called Svensson life with "villa, volvo and doggy" was high on the agenda.

July 5, 2022, Almedalen - article, News

The Social Democrats focus on solidarity and community, but only in Sweden

Party secretary Lena Rådström Baastad will give the Social Democrats' digital Almedal speech in 2021

Of: Nelika Karimi

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven is facing Sweden's first prime ministerial vote. The Social Democrats' Almedal speech takes place just a few hours before Sweden's political fate in the coming year is decided. Party secretary Lena Rådström Baastad, who replaces Prime Minister Löfven, focuses mainly on the welfare state, solidarity and the climate, but only from a Swedish perspective.

July 7, 2021, News

Åkesson paints a dark picture of Sweden and criticizes multiculturalism in his digital Almedal speech

Jimmie Åkesson gives his party leadership speech during the digital Almedalen week 2021

Of: Nelika Karimi

Insecurity in Sweden is our most serious problem, says the Sweden Democrats' party leader Jimmie Åkesson during Almedalen's fourth party leadership speech. This speech also omits global development issues and international cooperation during Almedalen Week 2021.

July 6, 2021, News

Annie Lööf focuses on democracy and human value in her Almedal speech

Annie Lööf is so far the only party leader who has spoken about international cooperation and global democracy issues during Almedalen Week

Of: Isabella Hjorth

On Tuesday morning, Annie Lööf will give her Almedal speech where she will focus on what she calls "liberal democracy". She talks about freedom of expression, human rights and climate change, both in and outside Sweden.

July 6, 2021, News