Africa and Europe: Is a better relationship possible?

Date and time: 7 Dec, 12:30 - 13:30

The EU believes that the purpose of the new Africa Strategy should be to develop a better relationship between the Union and the states on the African continent. At the same time, we see that Europe's colonial history still characterizes the relationship between the regions. Can cooperation between the EU and the countries of Africa become more equal? What is needed for European-African relations […]

November 16, 2021, Calendar, Seminars

Children's rights in Africa one year into the pandemic

Photo: Jurgen, Flickr

Of: Hanna Kristiansen

The pandemic has been devastating for many children on the African continent. Children have lost valuable education and domestic violence has increased as a result of closed schools. Utvecklingsmagasinet has interviewed Elin Axelgren, international program manager at SOS Children's Villages, to hear how the work goes into the pandemic one year.

June 23, 2021, Interview

The third phase of development assistance

Date and time: 22 Apr, 17:00 - 18:15

Seventy-five years have passed since international development cooperation was born. After the end of the war in 1945, Europe was rebuilt and independent countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America invested in their future according to the conditions of that time. After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, aid was transformed into a collaboration that touched on deeper social transformation and international partnerships. At the turn of the millennium, UN member states adopted the Millennium Development Goals, which fifteen years […]

April 8, 2021, Calendar, Seminars, Webcast

Record number of people fleeing their home countries south of the Sahara

Conflicts between ethnic groups and extremist forces are two reasons why people are fleeing their homes. Photo: MONUSCO / Abel Kavanagh

Of: Anna Mattsson

Conflicts and violence have forced millions of people to flee their homes around the world, and more than ever are now fleeing their homelands, according to the latest figures from IDMC, the Internal Refugee Monitoring Center. Sub-Saharan Africa is the region where violence has caused the most internally displaced people.

March 29, 2021, News

Vaccine and global injustices - An armchair talk about the distribution of the vaccine against Covid-19

Date and time: 30 Mar, 18:00 - 19:00

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has written together with other world leaders that "none of us is safe until everyone is safe" and has demanded that the Covid-19 vaccine should not be distributed based on countries' ability to pay but rather on public health needs. At the same time, Sweden and other rich countries have pushed ahead of the global vaccination queue when they bought up a large […]

March 22, 2021, Calendar, Seminars, Webcast

Why is Jesus white? - Discussion on White Savior Complex

Date and time: 3 Dec, 17:30 - 18:30

When Christmas is just around the corner, we often feel a little extra generous and generous. Employers buy goats for "poor African families" for their employees, movie clips with malnourished children make us cry, and from the speakers in our shopping malls, Band Aids song from -84 Do they know it's Christmas ?: "And there will not be snow in" Africa this Christmas time The greatest gift they'll get this year is life "It is clear that we, who have […]

November 24, 2020, Calendar, Seminars, Webcast

The demonstrations in Nigeria - more than protests against police violence

Photo: Paul Becker / Becker1999,

Of: Mimmi Thor

In the past month, tens of thousands of people have demonstrated in Nigeria's capital Abuja and the trade hub of Lagos. The protests go by the name EndSars and are aimed at the police unit Special Anti-Robbery Squad which has been accused of violent methods and corruption. The development magazine has talked to Leah Okenwa Emegwa, associate professor of public health science at the University of the Red Cross and originally from Nigeria, about the situation.

November 23, 2020, Interview

"Young people should have the opportunity for a meaningful future in Burkina Faso"


Of: Aron Malmborg

Young people living in rural Burkina Faso face an uncertain future with many challenges. Climate change threatens the country's agriculture while new norms and methods drive societal development forward. "Half of those I have interviewed say that the rainy season has changed during their lifetime," says Hanna Sinare, researcher at the Stockholm Resilience Center.

November 17, 2020, Interview

Africa and the EU are negotiating a new Cotonou agreement

It is time for a new agreement between Africa and the EU. Photo: European Parliament, Flickr

Of: Ismail Bazine and Miguel Largo Vergara 

The Cotonou Agreement, which is under negotiation, regulates the relationship between the EU and the group of states in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific. North Africa is not included and the Cotonou Agreement thus overlooks the region's importance for Europe and the rest of Africa in matters of migration and security.

November 13, 2020, Analysis