Sweden's priorities during the EU Presidency

Welcome to a lunch seminar with EU Minister Hans Dahlgren, Hanna Nelson's policy director at Oxfam and Hans Alldén, diplomat and former head of the EU Commission's representation in Sweden!

Rarely has cooperation in the EU been so important and developed as rapidly as in recent crises. The pandemic and Russia's war in Ukraine weld the EU together, but what happens to the Union's green transition, respect for democracy and the EU's responsibility for globally sustainable development as security issues take an ever-increasing place?

The Swedish European Movement and the Association for Development Issues have conducted a survey among our members about which EU issues they think are most important and what priorities they believe Sweden should pursue in the spring of 2023 when we take on the role of President of the EU Council of Ministers.

At the seminar on 18 May, the questionnaire will be presented, discussed and handed over to EU Minister Hans Dahlgren, who will also talk about the preparations for the Swedish Presidency in the spring of 2023.

Coffee and sandwich are served from 12.00, the conversation starts at 12.30.

The seminar is also good to follow over Zoom!


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