Swedish aid - What are the consequences of the cuts?

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During the autumn, Sweden's new government was appointed and in connection with that, focus was placed on the new budget. Aid became a symbolic issue during the negotiations and a reduction in aid was clear, 0.88% of GNI must now be spent on aid, a reduction of 1,4 billion for next year. 

What consequences will the reduction have in Sweden and internationally? What was the Save the Aid campaign about? Is there a risk that other countries will follow Sweden and reduce their aid? 

Based on these questions, FUF invites you to a discussion seminar on the cuts in Swedish aid. It will be an interactive seminar with discussion questions that all participants can share their thoughts and reflections on. 

The discussion will be held over Zoom on 30/11 at 17.30 and requires advance registration. There are a limited number of places and registration closes at 23:55 on 29/11. 

Welcome to us!

The seminar is organized by FUF's event group, which consists of young non-profit committed members.

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