Write a guest column

Do you have important experiences, knowledge or perspectives on global development and Sweden's role in the world? In that case, you can write a guest column for our magazine.

We want a knowledge-based and in-depth debate on how Sweden should act around the world to contribute to sustainable global development. It can be about everything from Swedish companies' actions abroad to how the Swedish government should work in the UN and how Swedish aid should be used in the best way.

Requirements for the guest chronicle

  • All chronicles must be based on well-founded facts (if they contain facts).
  • The text must be comprehensible to a wider target group.
  • The chronicle must be written exclusively for fuf.se and may not be published earlier.
  • The maximum number of characters is 5, including spaces, but the text may be shorter.
  • You must send a portrait photo of the columnist / columnists. if you have pictures that can illustrate the chronicle, feel free to send it as well.

Email your column to opinion@fuf.se.

We spread all published guest chronicles in our social channels.

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