SHAME - a sincere talk about injustice

Hundreds of thousands of Swedes are on holiday in dictatorships such as Thailand and Morocco. Our clothes are manufactured under poor working conditions in countries with widespread poverty. The rich are getting richer and the gaps are widening. How do we deal with shame? Can it be transformed into change? Welcome to the shame corner of injustice!

Many of us are ashamed of what we do or do not do for the world. A turbulent and unequal global development often causes us to pick out the pillow of shame. But as reality gets closer and the shame becomes more apparent, it can also lead to a will to change.

FUF and OmVärlden want to open up for a disarming and cordial conversation about shame. Are we more ashamed today? Is it possible to talk about a collective shame? Can shame even lead to more people changing behaviors that have a negative impact on the world around us?

Two evenings during Almedalen Week, we invite you to different events with sincere conversations, stage performances and familiar faces. Humor and seriousness mix when we delve into shame and seek its golden edge. Tonight's theme is injustice.

Zinat Pirzadeh, stand-up comedian
Hewan Temesghen, Secretary General, Fairtrade
Ahmed Abdirahman, business policy expert and initiator of Järva Week
Kent Wisti, priest and visual artist
Ylva Bergman (moderator), editor-in-chief, OmVärlden

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