FUF's jingle competition

Are you a jingle master who wants to make a difference? Commitment can look different, and now we are looking for you who are passionate about composing music. Create the FUF podcast's new jingle and at the same time be involved and help more people to take part in important issues concerning sustainable development!

The jingle should be suitable for a podcast that deals with global sustainable development in all its forms, such as spreading knowledge about the climate crisis, getting attention to the global gender equality issue or highlighting different war and conflict zones. There is no limit to how long or short the jingle should be, but keep in mind that a jingle is usually between 5-10 seconds long. The jingle can be produced by an individual or in a group.

We need your contribution at the latest Sunday the 15/11, you compete by sending your jingle and your name to fuf@fuf.se - enter "Jingle competition”As a subject line. Feel free to write a motivation and a short background description of your jingle, how you think and why it suits FUF.

A jury consisting of 5 FUF members will select a winner, which will be published in FUF's social media channels on 25 November. The decision cannot be appealed. The contributions may not contain copyrighted material and it is up to the person who submits the contribution to have checked this before the contribution is submitted. You do not have to be a member of FUF to compete. No prize money is paid, the competition is non-profit, just as the podcast sections are produced by non-profit activities and will never be used for commercial purposes. The name of the winner of the jingle will be mentioned in the podcast sections. The purpose of the podcast is to spread information about global sustainable development, as knowledge of the world is the first step in changing it to something better and more sustainable. 

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