Carin Jämtin and Lennart Wohlgemuth

Sida's strategy for the development work post Covid-19

FUF continues its work to deep diving in how coronavirus pandemic affects Sweden's work with development issues. We now want to invite you to a live breakfast talk with Sidas Director General Carin Jämtin which tells about how Sida plans to work post Covid-19. The focus will be partly on their concrete efforts to counteract and stop the immediate health crisis, but above all on strategies for the aftermath of the crisis. What have we learned from decades of crisis management and humanitarian aid? What do we know about going from crisis to normal in countries that are already suffering from poverty and lack of human rights? 

Before she became Director General of the development agency Sida, Carin Jämtin worked with Swedish international development policy in a number of high-profile positions: as head of the Olof Palme Center's international department, as a member of the World Bank's Commission for Growth and Development, and not least as Sweden's Minister for Development Aid (2003-2005). ).  

In conversation with FUF's board member  Lennart Wohlgemuth  Carin Jämtin will share her experiences on these issues and more. The call is made via Zoom, if you have not used Zoom before, contact FUF's office for instructions well in advance of the call at

Do you have a specific question for Carin Jämtin? Email no later than 2 days before the call.

This conversation is part of # RestartWorld, which is a digital initiative where Swedish organizations and Sida join forces to highlight the role of Swedish development assistance in a world where needs increase dramatically and progress that has been made risks being lost. 

We want to keep the conversation going with those we would otherwise meet in Almedalen. During the #startstartworld, we start a collective discussion about what is required for a global restart towards a more sustainable world, where no one is left out. This is where civil society, authorities, researchers and decision-makers meet to formulate solutions together.

You can already now take the opportunity to watch the short interview that FUF did with Carin Jämtin in Almedalen 2019: 

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