Peter Eriksson and Per Olsson Fridh, Minister and State Secretary for International Development Cooperation, respectively. Portrait photos: Kristian Pohl / Government Offices

Seminar on the development assistance budget for 2020 and the new asylum settlement model

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Welcome to a seminar with the Minister for International Development Cooperation Peter Eriksson, and the Secretary of State for International Development Cooperation Per Olsson Fridh. The purpose of the seminar is to present and discuss development issues in the government budget bill for 2020 and the new asylum settlement model. Josefin Pasanen, Chancellor at FUF, will moderate the discussion where the participants are invited to participate in the dialogue on the government's priorities in the development area.

A close dialogue between the government, civil society, business and the general public enables a mutual exchange of experience and collaboration between different sectors and thematic areas. Development cooperation must work catalytically, to mobilize resources and commitment and create conditions for broader relationships.

The seminar takes place at 15: 00-16: 00. Registration and coffee from kl. 14:30.

Not able to participate on site? Read more to get to the webcast that can be seen both live and in retrospect.

NOTE! Limited number of seats. Pre-registration required. Please state both name and organization when registering.

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