Podcast episode: This is how Swedish companies affect climate change in developing countries

The private sector's role in countering climate change is both praised and criticized. In this podcast episode, FUF's Almedals editor takes a closer look at the role Swedish companies can play in climate change in developing countries. We enlist the help of experts from both civil society and business to sort out the issue.


Jan Larsson, CEO, Business Sweden

Louise Lindfors, Secretary General, Africa Groups

Marie Trogstam, head of sustainability and infrastructure, Swedish Enterprise

Patrik Stålgren, Head of Unit on Strategic Partnership, Private sector, Innovation, and New methods, Sida

Clara My Lernborg, PhD in business administration with a focus on CSR and corporate social responsibility

Anton Ofield-Kerr, Director, Equal International


The podcast is produced by: Linnéa Ljungar, Hanna Carlsson, Sara Lannebo and Brusk Ismail

Vignette: Daniel Sahle

Background music: Some Kind of Feelin' by Ben Johnson, Mellow Bop by Prigida

Cover image: Johann Siemens. Source: Unsplash

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