Space and the global sustainability goals

Even though much of the work on development issues in the world takes place down to earth, FUF now wants to shed light on the work that is taking place above us, in space. The global sustainability goals aim to eradicate extreme poverty, reduce inequalities and injustices in the world, promote peace and justice and resolve the climate crisis. These are ambitious goals that the countries of the world have assumed to achieve before 2030, in less than 10 years. Space and research on space have an important role to play in order for us to achieve the global sustainability goals. In several different ways, with different technical solutions, research on space and satellites can be of great help in achieving the development goals. With development also come challenges, are there any problems with a very rapid technological advancement? How do you ensure accessibility and integrity when collecting information that concerns the entire earth's population? How far can the technical development be dragged?

The purpose of this digital seminar is to discuss together the possibilities that exist with the technical development in space in relation to the global sustainability goals, while we ask the critical questions that are important to address in relation to the subject. To do this, we have invited Tobias Edman working to increase the benefits of space systems and increase the use of space data. An important part of this work is to develop systems and methods together with the relevant authorities to monitor the environment and climate change, but also to facilitate innovation among service providers so that they can produce better data and analyzes.

We will start with a short video to introduce the topic and then we will continue with interactive questions and discussion with our Tobias Edman.

The lecture is organized by FUF's event group which consists of young non-profit committed members. It is done digitally in zoom and requires pre-registration to access the link. Registration closes at 23:55 on 10/5. Feel free to enter the link well in advance of the call.

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