Recruitment and Participants

GPH has so far had two recruitment rounds. We opened the first round in September 2021 and in November 55 out of 166 applicants were offered a place in the network. The second round was last year. Our selection criteria reflects our desire for a diverse group of young peace actors based on factors such as geography, gender, work experience, and different levels of society (local, national, regional, and international levels). Our primary focus here is on the local, as young people here have limited opportunities for global exchange which we want to help. We also prefer participants who are linked to an organization of relevance, as that maximizes the network effect on the environment in which they operate.

Future opportunities to participate in GPH

Recruitment for GPH is currently closed. When we open for recruitment, information will be published on our website. Would you like to be notified when this happens? Click here to express your interest and register your email address.

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