Recruitment and participants

We opened the application to GPH in September 2021 and in November, 55 out of 166 applicants were offered a place in the network. The final selection reflects our ambition to have a diverse group of young peace actors based on factors such as geographical location, gender, work experience, and experience from different levels of society (local, national, regional and international level). However, we sought to recruit a majority of participants from local levels, as young people at this level are likely to have limited opportunities for a global exchange of experience with other young peace actors. Another ambition was for participants to be connected to an organization that actively works with issues of relevance, in order to maximize the effect of strengthening the capacity of individual participants and the environments in which they operate. 

The 55 participants selected represent 36 countries from six world regions. The gender distribution is even based on men and women both on a global and regional level - and a small number identify as "other". 

Future opportunities to participate in GPH

Recruitment to GPH is currently closed. When we open up for recruitment, information will be published on our website. Do you want to be notified when this happens? Click here to notify your interest and register your email address.

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