PeaceWorks Sweden - Association activities

Location: Stockholm
HT23 - Full time, 20 weeks

About the organization

PeaceWorks Sweden is a non-profit youth and peace organization. It is a norm-critical platform with the vision of a just and sustainable world in peace, where young people are active social actors. This society is characterized by peace, global justice and solidarity, above and beyond constructed, national, cultural, social and economic borders.

PeaceWorks has offices in Sweden and Colombia and works with the following focus areas:
• Anti-racism
• Feminism
• Global justice

The organization's activities include work with training courses, support for young people's organization, and implementation of national and international projects.

What does the internship mean?

Do you want to work with organizing young people on issues related to feminism, anti-racism and global justice? PeaceWorks is now looking for an intern who will work together with the Association Coordinator in Stockholm during the autumn of 2023.

As an intern, you will gain broad experience and a unique insight into what the work can look like at a peace organization by and for young people. During the internship, you will also learn from the methods that PeaceWorks uses to implement our focus areas in practice and develop the business.

Examples of tasks:
• Work with the development of association activities.
• Design strategies to engage and organize young people in peace issues using PeaceWorks as a platform.
• Design and hold workshops in PeaceWorks thematic areas: feminism, anti-racism and global justice.
• Plan and implement skills development association meetings with PeaceWorks member associations
• Carry out and carry out member activities such as film screenings and book circles.
• Carry out at least one internship activity with the PeaceWorks local association in Stockholm.
• Spread information about PeaceWorks in schools and youth-dense forums.
• Analysis work for possible grant applications.
• Help with activities that mainly concern the international project activities when necessary.

As an intern, you also get a lot of practical experience of organizational work in a flexible, interesting and young environment.

Desirable competence / experience

The internship requires that you like to take responsibility and initiative, are good at planning and enjoy social as well as administrative work. It is also important that you are flexible and stress-resistant as work tasks can vary. The tasks are both independent and team-oriented, which means that you should enjoy working in both ways.

Furthermore, it is required that you share PeaceWork's value base, have an interest in our focus areas, and have relevant study background and/or practical experience. Finally, you are expected to have knowledge and/or experience in association life, as well as very good spoken and written Swedish and English.

Meritorious competence / experience

International experience, previous involvement in other civil society organizations, experience in writing grant applications and knowledge of Spanish are meritorious.

Knowledge of graphic design/media/communication and Wordpress
is also very welcome.

Other information

The internship is full-time (20 weeks) and unpaid. It is located at the PeaceWorks office at Tegelviksgatan 40 (Solidarity House) in Stockholm. Usually 5 employees and 2 interns work here. If necessary, travel within the country may occur, as well as evening and
weekend work.

An intern budget offers all interns a lunch out together a month to exchange experiences and thoughts. Work
during evenings and weekends compass out in consultation with the supervisor. Interns are also offered to attend PeaceWork's norm critique
educations and, to the extent possible, participate in an international course during or after the completion of the internship period.

As an intern at this organization, you will directly work with these global goals:

Global Goals #4Global Goals #5Global Goals #10Global Goals #16Global Goals #17
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