Peace, laughter and understanding

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2023 was one of the most violent and conflict-ridden years in the world in a very long time, and war and conflict continue to dominate the headlines. For the first time in decades, we have a full-scale war in Europe and tensions are bubbling in many places. At the same time, 2024 is described as a crucial year for peace and prosperity both globally and within Europe, and much is at stake in the European Parliament elections on 9 June.

But the EU election is not the only election held in 2024 – it is a so-called super election year when a record number of people in 76 different countries around the world go to the polls. The super election year also means an increased risk of disinformation, fake news and influence campaigns - which according to both the EU and the World Economic Forum constitute the biggest global threat in the coming years.

What are the consequences of the changed security situation for the world, Europe and Sweden? What significance does the outcome of the EU election have for peace in Europe? And what is needed to create sustainable peace in the world?

We will talk about this, and much more, at the lunchtime seminar Peace, laugh and understanding on April 23 at 12.30-14.00pm at the Mediterranean Museum in Stockholm! Stand up, lunch will be offered for all FUF members (you can become a member here) and peace pipes for the first 50 visitors! We also promise laughter, interaction between the audience and the panel and not least – a lot of new insights on the theme of peace and security!  

  • The seer Peter Wallensteen, peace and conflict researcher, Uppsala University  
  • The shooting star Oscar Molander, Sweden's latest youth delegate to the UN in human rights  
  • The Super Detective Yara Tag-Eldeen, investigator, Agency for Psychological Defense (MPF) 
  • The pen shaft Maria Lapenkova, reporter, SVT's verification desk  
  • The EU guru Erik von Pistohlkors, Deputy Head of Office, European Commission 
  • The stand up Zinat Pirzadeh, comedian  

The call is moderated by Karin Klerby, board member of FUF, and Aurora Isufi, non-profit active FUF member.

Other information:

There is a limited number of places. Register by April 22nd to secure your place! NOTE, lunch is served at 12.00 and you are not allowed to bring food into the seminar room - so come in time if you want to eat.  

See you there!

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