The Future is Already Here

When the 1.3 billion people of India woke up on the morning of November 9th, 2016, many of them had become poor overnight. After Prime Minister Modi’s sudden decision to ban a staggering 86% of all cash in circulation, the 500 & 1.000 rupee notes had become nothing more than “worthless pieces of paper” and […]

Av: Fredrik Björksten, 6 mars, 2019

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When learning goes online

New technologies have the potential to provide educational opportunities in underprivileged contexts. Examples from India, however, show that it is not only innovative technologies that are important, but innovative uses of technology.

Av: Siobhán Coskeran, 6 mars, 2019


Rohingya Refugees are being Tagged and Tracked

With the production and handling of sensitive data, humanitarian organisations could be risking the lives of the very people they’re mandated to protect. Yet, they might not even realize it until it is too late.

Av: Iryna Sharypina och Tessa Stockburger, 5 mars, 2019

The Big Push for Blockchain comes from the Global South

The incorruptible digital system of economic transactions known as Blockchain has climbed up governmental priorities in the Global South. Today, blockchain technology strives to solve fundamental public issues.

Av: Vittorio Capici och Wooseong Kim, 5 mars, 2019

Is “Sky Ambulances” the future in Health Care?

Zipline, a US-based company, has been using drones to deliver medical supplies to health clinics and hospitals in remote areas in Rwanda since 2016. Now the project is to be implemented in Ghana.

Av: Åsa Setterquist, 5 mars, 2019

Digital Activists Speaking Truth To Power

Shutting down the internet is one of the ways used by most governments across the African continent to silence opposing voices. However, citizens continue to use the internet to create awareness, organize and plan marches within and outside their countries. They have also come up with innovative ways of bypassing the shut-down.

Av: FUF Lund, 5 mars, 2019

The Congo basin

Uncovering peatlands to combat climate change

What if 20 years’ worth of US fossil fuel emissions was released due to unsustainable land use? Exploiting the world’s largest tropical peatland, recently discovered in the Congo Basin, might turn this scenario into reality.

Av: Aida Esmailzadeh Davani, Erika Alm och Harmat Frigyes, 5 mars, 2019

Does technology improve or imperil agriculture?

Innovation has been pinpointed as a crucial strategy to shift towards a sustainable food system in the EAT-Lancet Report released in January. Although agricultural innovation should not be limited to technology, it has without doubt had substantial impacts on our current food systems. Technology, however, is a double-edged sword, and should be properly evaluated prior to its application.

Av: Carolina Yang, 5 mars, 2019