Acting program manager for education & professional networks

FUF, the Association for Development Issues, is a non-profit association whose purpose is to inform and create debate on development issues in a global perspective, in support of mutual understanding and cooperation. The association has about 770 paying members, is led by a board elected by the annual meeting and the operations are based on an employed office with seven employees. Read more about us at

About the business area:

The educational activities is one of four branches of activity in FUF's extensive operations. Within it, FUF's young members (mainly university students) can get involved in various ways to get an outlet for their interests in global development issues, while at the same time gaining practical experience of communication work. In parallel with the work in the various communication groups (two newsrooms, a seminar group and a number of local groups around Sweden), they are offered ongoing training and skills development to further deepen and develop their knowledge and skills. In our professional networks (Young Professionalsnetwork, Mentorship program and The book club) we engage current and former professionals in the field global development issues. Here they are given the opportunity for exchanges of experience, discussions and competence development. At present, about 250-300 people are active annually in one of FUF's communication groups and professional networks. Read more about the business area in the annual report for 2018 and the business plan for 2019.

About the service:

FUF is now looking for a temporary program manager who will plan, lead, evaluate and develop the educational activities and professional networks. To thrive in the job as a program manager, you must be independent, well-organized, outgoing and be able to handle and coordinate several parallel work processes and many people of different ages with different experiences. You need to be a structured, pedagogical and clear leader because in your work you will independently lead from 18-year-olds to retired UN leaders. This requires that you have high integrity and that you are encouraging but at the same time not afraid to make demands on those you lead. The position also requires good knowledge of global development issues and communication work, as well as experience of planning and leading educations. This work includes being an experienced, thorough and orderly administrator, as well as being driven, flexible and not afraid to change, for example, working methods when needed. Furthermore, the work of a small, non-profit organization requires that you are unpretentious, like "fast pucks" and that you are not afraid to cut where needed.

The tasks include e.g. to:

  • Responsible for ensuring that the work within FUF's educational activities and professional networks is carried out. This work includes e.g. to plan, lead, coordinate and follow up the business. You supervise (partly together with colleagues) about 250-300 non-profit active members per year, hold meetings, pepper, give feedback, ensure quality and evaluate and develop the work on an ongoing basis.
  • Ensure the quality, results and goal fulfillment of the business by continuously reconciling with governing documents, project applications and budgets, etc.
  • Write grant applications and reports.
  • Plan and lead from informal meetings to training for active members in everything from global development issues (eg Agenda 2030 and rights-based work) to communication (eg the journalistic method, how to avoid stereotypes in their communication and interview techniques) and technology (eg live streaming, podcast recording and Twitter).
  • Proofread journalistic texts and seminar invitations and give feedback to the writers, which is why very good language skills are a requirement for this position.
  • Continuously market FUF and encourage engagement among current and potential members, e.g. by holding information presentations, identifying and contacting potential stakeholders, and attending labor fairs
  • Communication with members and to maintain good contacts with FUF's partners
  • Other tasks that occur in the workplace, e.g. office administration, advertising sales, membership recruitment and live-streaming seminars


  • Degree at least candidate level in, or documented experience of working with, global development issues (or related area)
  • Degree at least candidate level in, or documented experience of working with, journalism / communication
  • Stylistic feeling for words and pictures and you express yourself very well in speech and writing in Swedish and in English
  • Documented experience of project management (the entire process from grant application to implementation, evaluation and reporting - with advantage Forum Syd-funded projects)
  • Documented experience of planning and conducting training
  • Documented experience of leading and / or coordinating people


  • Previous FUF involvement
  • Experience of leading non-profit organizations
  • Experience of editorial work


Scope of the service: Temporary position of 100% in 2019 and 80-100% in 2020 depending on funding

Time period: 20190819-20200612

Place of employment: Stockholm

Collective agreement: The Employers' Alliance's collective agreement for non-profit and idea-driven organizations

Benefits and conditions: Occupational pension. 37,5 hour working week. 32 days holiday. SEK 5000 in wellness per year. Certain work on evenings and weekends occurs, as well as domestic travel. Flexitime is applied and travel / overtime / OB compensation is not paid.

The position is filled provided that the necessary decisions are made.


If you have questions about the service, you are welcome to email the current program manager Agnes Cronholm at If you have questions about the recruitment process, you are welcome to email


Send your application to no later than 1 May. Write "Application manager" in the subject line. We want your application to contain a CV and a personal letter in which you focus on how you meet the qualification requirements above and justify why you want the position. We will contact those we want to meet for interviews and work tests. All applicants will be notified when the position is filled.

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