Acting Chief of Staff

The last day to apply has passed (June 9)

FUF, the Association for Development Issues, is a non-profit association whose purpose is to inform and create debate on development issues in a global perspective, in support of mutual understanding and cooperation. The association has about 770 paying members, is led by a board elected by the annual meeting and the operations are based on an employed office with seven employees. FUF's operations are divided into four business branches: Seminar activities, The development magazine, The educational activities and The trainee program / professional networks. The business is mainly financed by Sida and Forum Syd. In addition to the fixed lines of business, FUF also conducts various types of shorter projects on an ongoing basis in order to disseminate information and create debate on global development issues. This year we conduct e.g. a project on the theme of sustainable peace and security with the support of the Folke Bernadotte Academy and a surveillance project in Almedalen with the support of Sida. Read more about what we do and the scope of our business in the annual report for 2018 and the business plan for 2019.

About the service:

FUF is now looking for a temporary head of office who will plan, lead, coordinate and develop the organization's work. FUF has undergone major changes in recent years and has grown so fast. An important part of the work as head of the Chancellery is therefore to manage this development and the trust that FUF has in e.g. financiers and members. At the same time, the opportunities to build new and creative projects are good. We are looking for you who have an interest in global development issues and good knowledge of the industry. You are used to leading staff and having financial responsibility, preferably in the non-profit sector. You also have experience of working with administration, recruitment and business development. As a person, you need to be structured, well-organized, self-motivated, outgoing, clear and able to handle and coordinate several parallel work processes and actors in an accurate and professional way. You must also enjoy working strategically as well as operationally.

The tasks include e.g. to:

  • Lead and distribute the work at FUF's office where seven people are currently employed
  • Act as a link between the board and the office, incl. to prepare documentation for board and annual meetings
  • Ensure the quality, results and goal fulfillment of the business by continuously monitoring, evaluating and developing the business
  • Hold financial responsibility, which i.a. includes budgeting and budget follow-up as well as certain accounting / financial administration
  • Secure the organization's finances through, for example, grant applications and reporting, as well as advertising sales and member recruitment
  • Build and develop effective contact networks and good relationships with e.g. partner organizations, funders and members
  • Administer all processes related to the business
  • Take care of other tasks that occur in the workplace and to support in the ongoing activities when needed


  • Degree at least bachelor's level in, and / or documented experience of working with, global development issues
  • Experience of work management and personnel responsibilities
  • Experience of having financial responsibility (incl. Budgeting, budget follow-up and financial administration)
  • Experience of working in a non-profit organization
  • Experience of planning, applying, implementing and following up / reporting major projects and programs


  • Previous FUF involvement
  • Experience of working with / on the board
  • Experience of / training in employer and work environment issues
  • Experience of working with activities that are funded by Forum Syd, Sida and FBA
  • Experience of networking and / or having a large network in our industry


Scope of the service: Temporary position of 100%

Time period: 20190819-20201015 with a chance for a shorter extension. Delivery will, however, take place during the second half of June.

Place of employment: Stockholm

Collective agreement: The Employers' Alliance's collective agreement for non-profit and idea-driven organizations

Benefits and conditions: Occupational pension. 37,5 hour working week. 32 days holiday. SEK 5000 in wellness per year. Certain work on evenings and weekends occurs, as well as domestic travel. Flexitime is applied and travel / overtime / OB compensation is not paid.


If you have questions about the position, you are welcome to email the current Chancellor Anna Sjöberg Tibblin If you have questions about the recruitment process, you are welcome to email FUF's chairman Joakim Molander


Send your application to as soon as possible, but no later than 9 June. We handle the applications on an ongoing basis.

Write "Application office manager" in the subject line. We want your application to include a CV and brief answers to the following questions:

  1. What is your experience of work management and personnel responsibilities?
  2. What experience do you have of having financial responsibility (incl. Budgeting, budget follow-up and financial administration)?
  3. What experience do you have of planning, applying, implementing and following up / reporting on projects and programs?
  4. What is your experience of working in a non-profit organization?
  5. What is your experience of working with / studying global development issues?

You do not need to send a personal letter.


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