There are many ways to get involved in FUF. Some are involved in arranging seminars, others participate in our editorial staff, start a local group, participate in our professional network or are part of a book club. Do you want to become a member? Click here.

Here you can quickly find information about the different parts of our business.

The editorial staff

This spring editorial staff There are active people who are interested in monitoring the debate on global development in Sweden and delving into specific development issues. Here are:

The writers who writes reports, chronicles, news and other articles for our magazine.

The world watchers who attend seminars, update our calendar and monitor the debate on Swedish opinion pages.

The documentary group which makes in-depth and documentary, usually in podcast format.

FUF-correspondents who report on global developments from all corners of the world where they live, work, study or practice.

The event group

The event group is a non-profit group that arranges FUF's armchair talks. These are smaller seminars where experts are invited for an open discussion on current development issues.

Local groups

Most of FUF's operations are conducted in Stockholm, but we also have active local groups in Gothenburg, Lund, Linköping, Örebro, Umeå, Uppsala and Jönköping. Contact information for them is available here.

Do you want to start a local group where you live? In that case, you can get help and support from us. Here you can read more about how it works.

Internships and professional networks

Anyone who goes to university or college can through FUF's internship program do internships at organizations such as Sida, Kvinna till kvinn and Diakonia.

If you are a recent graduate and working with global development or international cooperation, you can participate in our professional network, Young Professionals.


I mentorship program we pair young active members with our highly qualified professional / retired member base. The idea is to create opportunities for these two member groups to meet and exchange thoughts, ideas and experiences regarding studies, career choices and common areas of interest.

Book Club

For those who want to read and discuss books on themes in global development and international cooperation, there is our book club. For more information, email


Every year, FUF travels with a non-profit editorial staff to cover Almedalen Week in Visby. There we cover seminars, do interviews with politicians and experts, do podcasts and more. Here you can see our material from Almedalen.

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