During the past week, several debaters have discussed Sweden's arms deliveries to Ukraine. Representatives from the Social Democrats, the Center Party and the Sweden Democrats want to send more weapons to the country, but Lotta Sjöström Becker, secretary general of the Christian Peace Movement, among others, is of a different opinion. "Historically, resistance without violence has been more effective," she writes in Dagens Nyheter. Photo: manhhai. Source: Flickr.

Current debate

Week 8: Debaters disagree on arms deliveries to Ukraine

On February 24, 2023, it was one year since Russia invaded Ukraine. It has characterized the Swedish debate and editorial pages during the past week - and the writers want Vladimir Putin to be stopped and held accountable for his war crimes. A watershed in the Swedish debate, however, is the question of whether Sweden should send weapons to Ukraine. 

Sweden should contribute tanks to further strengthen Ukraine's defense capabilities, write Peter Hultqvist (S) and Morgan Johansson (S) in Svenska Dagbladet.

Center Party and Sverigedemo Craterna also want to send more weapons to Ukraine. Annelie Börjesson, chairwoman of the Swedish UN Association, also writes in Dagens Nyheter that Sweden should assist Ukraine with weapons.

- Self-defense requires weapon support, she writes.

Men Lars-Gunnar Liljestrand, author and co-publisher of the site alliansfriheten.se, counter-argues in Svenska Dagbladet.

With such arms deliveries, Sweden becomes, if not belligerent, then participating on one side in the war.

Even Lotta Sjöström Becker, secretary general of the Christian Peace Movement, is against Sweden sending weapons to Ukraine.

Historically, nonviolent resistance against oppressors and occupiers around the world has been much more effective, she writes in Dagens Nyheter.

Sweden's reception of Ukrainian refugees: "Shameful"

In connection with the anniversary, attention is also drawn to Sweden's reception of Ukrainian refugees - and the conditions they receive here.

- All in all, this is a shameful way to meet the Ukrainians when they need Sweden the most, writes lead writer Susanne Nyström in Dagens Nyheter.

Nastya, 21, and Ludmila, 40, have fled from Kiev to Przemyśl in Poland, where they are allowed to stay for up to two days in a school gymnasium used as a temporary refugee camp. In connection with the anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, many Swedish debate and editorial pages have drawn attention to shortcomings in the Swedish reception of refugees. Photo: UNFPA Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Source: Flickr.

She highlights, among other things, that they are not entitled to SFI, because they are covered by the mass refugee directive, which makes it more difficult to learn Swedish. This also writes DN's editorial staff.

- Russia is preparing new offensives and Ukraine continues to defend itself. Ukrainian refugees in Sweden must be given the right to learn Swedish.

Swedish import of Russian energy

During the week, the government has received criticism for still not having stopped the import of Russian oil and fossil gas to Sweden.

- It is unreasonable to support Ukraine with one hand and at the same time finance the Russian war machine with the other, writes Erika Bjureby, head of Greenpeace in Sweden, in Aftonbladet.

Sweden's arms deliveries to Ukraine

EU leaders agree - must collect evidence of Russian war crimes

Ulf Kristersson (M), Prime Minister; Jessika Roswall (M), EU minister, Dagens Nyheter

The peace movement must realize that the weapons are needed

Jonathan Demner, security policy advisor and former member of the Swedish Peace and Arbitration Association, Aftonbladet

It is a sign that Putin will lose the war. 

Karin Karlsbro (L), MEP; Roko Kursar (L), first vice chairman of Malmö's municipal board, Sydsvenskan

A: Sweden should send tanks to Ukraine

Peter Hultqvist (S), chairman of the Riksdag's defense committee; Morgan Johansson (S), vice chairman of the Riksdag's foreign affairs committee, Svenska Dagbladet

Sweden should not be drawn into the war

Lars-Gunnar Liljestrand, author and co-publisher of alliansfriheten.se, Svenska Dagbladet

Ukraine needs our help for many more years

The editorial staff, Expressen

Change the practice - sell arms to countries at war

Jimmie Åkesson (SD), party leader; Aron Emilsson (SD), chairman of the foreign affairs committee; Sven-Olof Sällström (SD), vice-chairman of the defense committee, Expressen

Zelenskyy asked for ammunition instead of a ride - giving the West a second chance

The editorial staff, Dagens Nyheter

Russia can afford to wait out Ukraine's next move

Jan Willem Honig, Professor of Military Strategy, Netherlands Defense Academy; Ilmari Käihkö, university lecturer in military science, Norwegian Defense University, Dagens Nyheter

If Xi wants peace, he should not send weapons to Putin

The editorial staff, Dagens Nyheter

If Europe wants to have peace, the support for Ukraine must be increased significantly

The editorial staff, Dagens Nyheter

Training Ukrainian pilots for Jas 39

Muharrem Demirok, party leader (C); Martin Ådahl, economic policy spokesperson (C); Kerstin Lundgren, foreign policy spokesperson (C); Mikael Larsson, defense policy spokesperson (C), Aftonbladet

Historically, non-violent resistance has been more effective

Lotta Sjöström Becker, general secretary of the Christian Peace Movement, Dagens Nyheter

Ukrainian refugees

Build up those who will build up Ukraine.

Jesper Sahlin, Southern Sweden

The victims of the war are easy prey for the traffickers

Susanne Nyström, Dagens Nyheter

Tymur Vasylyshyn sings to remind that Ukraine needs support

Tove Lifvendahl, Svenska Dagbladet

Sweden's treatment of the Ukrainian refugees is a shame

The editorial staff, Dagens Nyheter

Sweden's import of Russian energy

Where is the stop of the Russian gas, Kristersson?

Erika Bjureby, head of Greenpeace in Sweden, Aftonbladet

The gas ship should make Kristersson blush

Susanna Kierkegaard, Aftonbladet

The earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

In the middle of the disaster, the Assad regime shows its ugly face

Somar Al Naher, Today's ETC

For the survivors, the disaster has only just begun

Lisa Magnusson, Dagens Nyheter

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