Sweden imports nuclear fuel from Russia, something that the MP uses as an argument against M, KD, L and SD's willingness to invest heavily in nuclear power. Photo: Canva.

Current debate

Week 6: Criticism of investing in nuclear power - could make Europe more dependent on Russia

The Swedish nuclear debate has become a security issue linked to Russia and Putin's influence over Europe. At the same time, debaters have over the past week raised that in the shadow of the crisis in Ukraine, Russia's influence risks even taking root in Belarus.

The Moderates, the Sweden Democrats, the Christian Democrats and the Liberals want to see a major investment in nuclear power in Sweden during the next term. This is what the party leaders write in a debate article in Svenska Dagbladet. They believe that nuclear power has a crucial role in contributing to fossil-free energy, while at the same time creating reasonable electricity prices for Sweden's inhabitants.

At the same time, the Green Party warns in a debate article on Aftonbladet that an investment in nuclear power could have security problems and intensify Europe's dependence on Russia in energy production. This is because just over half of Swedish uranium imports come from Russia and Russian companies with links to Vladimir Putin.

- Not importing Putin's uranium would put real sticks in the wheel for the right's highly coveted expansion of Swedish nuclear power, but the bourgeois parties do not pretend this, the representatives of the Green Party write. 

Furthermore, the Center Parties criticize the Moderates in The outside world debate, after M has been in favor of the EU's proposal to classify natural gas as sustainable energy. The Center Party believes that, in addition to the negative climate effects and rampant electricity prices that natural gas contributes to, this will be a security policy risk - as recent developments with Ukraine have shown that Europe is dependent on gas from Russia to maintain its energy supply.

- The fact that Europe is not entirely responsible for its own energy production makes us vulnerable to Putin's whims, write the Center Party's Rickard Nordin and Emma Wiesner.

Belarus and the security situation

Linda Jerneck writes in a column in Expressen that in addition to Ukraine, Belarus may also become a pawn in Putin's political power play in Europe. After Putin has recently supported Lukashenko in staying in power, there is now a risk that he has succeeded in conquering a greater influence in the country, especially in the near future when Belarus will vote through a new constitution where, among other things, nuclear weapons will be tolerated more and more.

- It is not impossible for Lukashenko to pay for Putin's support in allowing Russian nuclear weapons to be deployed on Belarusian soil. It would at once make the NATO countries in Eastern Europe and the Baltics even more difficult to defend, writes Linda Jerneck.

Russia's role in Swedish energy production

"Develop nuclear power - it has a key role"

Ulf Kristersson (M), Jimmie Åkesson (SD), Nyamko Sabuni (L) and Ebba Busch (KD), Svenska Dagbladet

Friends of nuclear power close their eyes to Putin's uranium

Per Bolund (MP), Jakop Dante (MP) and Maria Ferm (MP), Aftonbladet

"Moderate policy favors Putin gas"

Rickard Nordin (C) and Emma Wiesner (C), Omvärlden

Putin's words calmed the crisis - but the EU should be worried

Mats Larsson, Expressen

Belarus and security policy

Putin's plan? Watched Belarus

Linda Jerneck, Expressen

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