Over the past week, several debaters have responded to the catastrophic earthquakes that have hit Turkey and Syria - and the discussion that has followed the earthquakes. Pictured: the wreckage of a collapsed building in Diyarbakır, Turkey. Photo: VOA. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Current debate

Week 6: Debaters react to the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

On Swedish opinion pages, several debaters have appealed for humanity and humanitarian support after the earthquake disaster in Turkey and Syria. Russia's war in Ukraine has also been discussed after intense robot attacks from Russia.   

During the past week's debate, the focus on Swedish opinion pages has been directed towards earthquake-affected Turkey and Syria. On Swedish Twitter, the word "karma" trended, something criticized by Ayla Löfving, a law student with family in the earthquake-affected areas, on Express discussion page. Although the NATO negotiations have stalled due to the diplomatic relations between Sweden and Turkey, it is not right to judge an entire country's population for one man's politics, says Ayla Löfving. It is empathetic and provides a resigned insight into the humanity we seem to have lost, she writes.

Earthquake-affected areas in northwestern Syria must not be forgotten in the relief work. That's what Therese Engström, secretary general of the International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Sweden and Harlem Désir, senior vice president of the IRC in Europe, writes in Sydsvenskan. Syria's civil war has already led to dire humanitarian conditions, which worsened further after the massive earthquake.

- Just as the earthquake does not take borders into account, this should also not apply to the solidarity of the rest of the world, they write.

Sydsvenskan's lead writer Heidi Avellan believes that the disaster in Turkey and Syria must not take the focus away from the war in Ukraine.

- The world will handle this too, it just needs to be able to deal with more than one crisis at a time. Remember that while children must be saved in Turkey and Syria, the rockets are raining down on children in Ukraine, she writes.

Russia's war in Ukraine

That Russia would intensify its offensive on the anniversary of their invasion of Ukraine on February 24, Ukraine has warned for a long period, writes Jonna Sima at Aftonbladet's leader page. She refers to an interview by Swedish Radio with the Swedish paramedic Niels Erixon, who has been out on the battlefield in Ukraine. Erixon compares the war in Ukraine to the First World War and describes the experience as "a nightmare".

- Europe's rulers should ask themselves the question: Are we really doing everything we can to end the abominations of war?, writes Jonna Sima.

Earthquake-hit Turkey and Syria

Turkey's cause also became ours.

Heidi Avellan, Southern Sweden

As if the wars in Syria and Ukraine were not enough.

Principal, Sydsvenskan

Inhuman to call disaster "karma"

Ayla Löfving, law student with family in the earthquake affected areas, Expressen

People in northwestern Syria must not be forgotten once again.

Therese Engström, Secretary General of the International Rescue Committee in Sweden and Harlem Désir, Senior Vice President of the International Rescue Committee in Europe, Southern Sweden

The war in Ukraine

The feet rot in wartime Ukraine

Jonna Sima, Aftonbladet

And in Ukraine, the war continues

Heidi Avellan, Southern Sweden

Climate disaster

The climate shines - it's time for revolution

Gudrun Schyman, Pontus Bergendahl and William Grönlund, spokespeople for the Climate Alliance, Aftonbladet

Migration policy

EU law must not become an obstacle for Swedish migration policy

Maria Malmer Stenergard (M), Migration Minister, Jessika Roswall (M), EU Minister, Dagens Nyheter

Why does SD put symbolic politics before Scania's best interest?

Niels Paarup-Petersen (C), Member of Parliament for Malmö, Jonny Cato (C), Member of Parliament from Helsingborg, Birte Sandberg (C), group leader in the regional council, Charlotte Bossen (C), group leader in the regional council, Anton Sauer (C), group leader in Malmö municipal council, Sydsvenskan


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