When China hosted the 2008 Summer Olympics, protests were raised against the country's handling of human rights. The fact that the country is now organizing the Winter Olympics has also created reactions. Photo: Kris Krüg. Source: Flickr.

Current debate

Week 5: The Winter Olympics spark debate on human rights and China's pandemic

Last week, the Winter Olympics in China kicked off, something that has sparked debate about the country's handling of human rights. Russia's continued influence on Swedish and European security policy has also been discussed on Swedish debate and leadership pages during the past week.

On Friday, the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics was held in Beijing. The Winter Olympics have sparked debate about democracy and human rights, but also about China's pandemic management.

Today's News editorial staff writes that the Olympic Games should not really start - both because of China's handling of covid-19 and that the games do not belong in a dictatorship.

- Since nowadays basically only tyrants want to stand up as organizers, in the hope of a propaganda victory, the future of the games must be seriously questioned, writes the editorial staff.

Ola Wong writes in a column in Expressen that the bubble that the Olympians are in during this year's Winter Olympics is an illustration of China's relationship with the outside world. He describes, among other things, that foreigners should be kept away from the Chinese, and that the authorities have urged the people of Beijing not to touch the vehicles that will transport the Olympic participants, or to even help injured people in an accident.

- The propaganda apparatus has written about the history of the virus that spread from Wuhan to the fact that it was foreigners who brought the infection to China, Ola Wong writes.

Sweden's policy towards Russia

The fact that the military junta in Mali has hired the Russian security company Wagner Group, which has close ties to the Kremlin, has also created a debate over the past week.

- We will not work side by side with Russian mercenaries, writes Alexandra Anstrell, member of the Riksdag's Defense Committee (M), in a debate article in Aftonbladet.

She wants the government to act immediately to end the Swedish efforts in Mali.

The government's security policy and a possible NATO option have also remained in focus in the debate.

- It is a paradox that the government's assertion that Sweden itself chooses a security policy line, in practice means both the opposite and an acceptance of the Kremlin's description of reality, writes Claes Arvidsson in a editorial on Svenska Dagbladet.

Winter Olympics in China

The Winter Olympics strengthen China's aggressive nationalism

Ola Wong, The Express

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DN's editorial staff, Dagens Nyheter

China's brutality is not a sign of strength

Mattias Svensson, Svenska Dagbladet

Swedish politics and Russia

The Russian post demands a unified answer.

Heidi Avellan, Southern Sweden

Take home the Swedish soldiers from Mali

Alexandra Anstell, Aftonbladet

The Swedish government fixes the demand from Moscow

Claes Arvidsson, Svenska Dagbladet

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