- That 76 candidates want to become president of Libya after the election on December 24 is more a sign of the country's chaotic division than that there is a nice Christmas present in the package, Gunnar Jonsson writes on DN's leader pages.

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Week 49: Uncertainty ahead of Libya's presidential election and Amazon criticized for climate change

The uncertainty surrounding the presidential election in Libya provokes reactions and the military intervention in the country in 2011 is questioned in an editorial in DN. On Aftonbladet's editorial page, Amazon's founder Jeff Bezos is criticized when he donates billions to various climate organizations.

Since the Arab Spring of 2011, Libya has been plagued by civil war, Islamist extremism and human trafficking. On December 24, the presidential election will be held in the country and the election is supported by the UN. One of the 76 candidates for the presidency is Seif al-Islam Gaddafi, son of Libya's former dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi, who was overthrown during the Arab Spring.

- How the UN-supported election will create law and order in Libya is a mystery, Gunnar Jonsson writes in a editorial in Dagens Nyheter.

That 76 candidates want to become president of Libya after the election is a sign of the country's chaotic division, according to Gunnar Jonsson. He believes that it is uncertain what the result of the election will be as the election rules are unclear and the country is affected by lawlessness.

Amazon is accused of hypocrisy with a new climate initiative

Protests against Amazon have been going on around the world. The company is mainly criticized for inhumane working conditions and for contributing to a negative climate impact. In the article "Jeff Bezos hypocritical about climate investment" on Aftonbladet's editorial page, Zina Al-Dewany writes that Amazon's founders are trying to "wash the brand clean" by donating SEK 10 billion to climate organizations.

- If greenwashing were a competition, Jeff Bezos and Amazon would be in the lead now, writes Zina Al-Dewany.

She believes that Jeff Bezo's climate investment is contradictory when his fortune also finances climate-denying oil companies and politicians. She emphasizes that companies want to appear green, but that it is only a game for the galleries.

The election in Libya

The UN's pious but false hopes for the election in Libya

Gunnar Jonsson, Dagens Nyheter Leader


"Jeff Bezos hypocritical about climate investment"

Zina Al-Dewany, Aftonbladet Leader

"Stand up for those who are murdered in the fight for the environment"

Tove Berg et al., Sydsvenskan Opinion 


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