- With a constantly mutating virus, it is important that everyone can take part in the vaccine. But that is not the case today, Zina Al-Dewany writes on Aftonbladet Ledare about the vaccine distribution in the world.

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Week 48: Vaccination distribution and apartheid review provoke reactions

Sweden can do more to give more people access to vaccines, according to Zina Al-Dewany on Aftonbladet's editorial pages. The Church of Sweden's review of international law in Israel-Palestine was also discussed on Swedish debate pages during the past week.

Magdalena Andersson has been elected Sweden's first female prime minister and there has been a great deal of focus on domestic policy in the debate over the past week. During the government declaration, the pandemic was mentioned a number of times, but nothing about how the rest of the world should have better access to vaccines. It writes Zina Al-Dewany on Aftonbladet's editorial pages. The new omicron mutation could perhaps have been prevented if everyone had had access to the vaccine earlier, says Zina Al-Dewany. She writes that one reason why this has not happened is that the EU and Sweden have prevented the patents on the vaccine from being released so that it can be produced in more countries. She refers to the fact that MSF has written that Sweden could do much more to even out the supply of vaccines around the world.

The church council debates Israel and Palestine

Just over two weeks ago, the Church of Sweden's highest decision-making body - the church council. On the agenda was that examine the application of international law and whether there is apartheid in Israel and Palestine. Criticism came from, among others, the Jewish Central Council regarding the Church of Sweden's use of the word "apartheid". The wording was later apologized for by Archbishop Antje Jackelén.

In a reply in Express debate Staffan Granér of Judea for Israeli-Palestinian peace objects to the criticism leveled at the apartheid review. He believes that the criticism lacks objectivity and that the investigation of violations of international law in accordance with the specific crime of apartheid is in accordance with practice. This is in view of the systematic discrimination of Palestinians in areas under Israeli control. 

Maria Ludvigsson also highlights the church meeting in one editorial text at SvD. She appreciates that political contradictions may take place within the Church of Sweden instead of being suppressed. Maria Ludvigsson has a hope for a continued debate about what lies within, and outside, the church's areas of influence.

The same question is raised by Pernilla Ström in a column on Sydsvenskan. Instead, she wants to see less party politics in the church's activities. Pernilla Ström believes that the investigation will make Sweden a mockery internationally by connecting Israel with apartheid.

Vaccination inequality

Large companies' patents have become a death trap

Zina Al-Dewany, Aftonbladet Leader

The Church of Sweden and Israel-Palestine

Palestinian international law is forgotten in the debate

Staffan Granér from Jews for Israeli-Palestinian Peace, Expressen Debatt

Church conflict can be redemptive

Maria Ludvigsson, Svenska Dagbladet Leader

"Hey, the bishops! It's time to dump her and move on. "

Pernilla Ström, Sydsvenskan Opinion

Russia's military escalation

When the people get tired of Putin, he threatens war

DN's editorial staff, Dagens Nyheter Ledare

Support Ukraine but hope for Arlanda

Tobias Lindberg, Sydsvenskan Opinion

Europe is dangerously close to a major war

Patrik Oksanen, Svenska Dagbladet Editor

Sweden's relationship with China

Stand up for Taiwan - do not crawl for China

Joar Forssell, Expressen Debate

KI: We are talking openly about our cooperation with China

Ole Petter Ottersen, Aftonbladet Editor


Punishment of South Africa instead of cheering

Anna Charlotta Johansson, Svenska Dagbladet Leader

The alcohol industry must be removed from the negotiating tables

Gunnar Lundström, OmVärlden

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