- Black Friday is perhaps the main celebration of overconsumption, write the environmentalists Amanda Palmstierna and Lorentz Tovatt on Aftonbladet Debatt. Photo: Artem Beliaikin. Source: Unsplash.

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Week 47: Residence permit for Afghans and criticism of Black Friday

During a week fraught with both a prime ministerial vote and a government crisis, much of the focus on Swedish debate pages has been on domestic policy. Global development issues have been overshadowed, but two themes that have been raised are Afghan residence permits and Black Friday.

At Expressen Debatt, ambassadors for the campaign "Keep Sweden together" called on Afghans to be granted residence permits to enable them to integrate. They believe that Afghan refugees are in a limbo as the Migration Board has stopped deportations to Afghanistan, but they have also stopped processes for Afghan asylum cases.

Mikael Ribbenvik, Director General of the Swedish Migration Board, has responded to the debate article and agrees that the situation in Afghanistan is serious and uncertain. He explains that Sweden was the first country in Europe to introduce such a ban on deportation, and that the Swedish Migration Board must adapt its application of law to the changed situation in Afghanistan, ie to the Taliban's takeover.

Another topic that has been on the agenda this week is Black Friday. In a debate article in Aftonbladet, Amanda Palmstierna and Lorentz Tovatt, members of parliament for the Green Party, write that Black Friday is perhaps the main celebration of overconsumption. They point to surveys that show that the sale price is in fact not lower than the regular price, and say that companies trick consumers into believing that they are making a bargain. The two environmentalists believe that the marketing law must be tightened, so that consumers do not run the risk of being manipulated into purchasing.

Zina Al-Dewany also draws attention to Black Friday on Aftonbladet's editorial page with the article "Let Jeff Bezos feel ashamed on Black Friday". She is protesting in about 20 countries against the company Amazon for their poor working conditions and wages. More than 70 major organizations such as Oxfam, Greenpeace and Amazon workers internationally support these strikes. Al-Dewany hopes that this will not only be a historical parenthesis but "an alarm clock for companies that want to survive in today's market".

Afghan residence permit

Young Afghans are forced into undeclared work and prostitution
Ulf Bjereld, Agneta Pleijel, Anders Wijkman and KG Hammar and others, Expressen Debatt

We have taken responsibility for Afghans in Sweden

Mikael Ribbenvik, Expressen Debate

Black Friday

Black Friday - a holiday for companies that bluff

Amanda Palmstierna and Lorentz Tovatt (MP), Aftonbladet Debatt

Let Jeff Bezoz feel ashamed on Black Friday

Zina Al-Dewany, Aftonbladet Debatt


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