Will the Glasgow climate conference really make a difference? That issue was hotly debated last week. Photo: Markus Spiske. Source: Unsplash.

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Week 45: Debator calls world leaders hypocrites after the climate conference

Last week's debate revolved around the COP26 climate conference, which ended on Saturday. Climate debt, hypocrisy and Sweden's role in climate change were discussed on Swedish debate pages while world leaders were in the final negotiations at the conference.

During this week's climate conference COP26, questions about climate debt aroused opinions. Zina Al-Dewany writes in Aftonbladet that the rich parts of the world have an obligation to contribute to the green transition of poor countries.

- The rich countries have developed at the expense of the poor, she writes. 

The climate fund that the rich countries promised during a previous climate conference to contribute $ 100 billion to each year has not been met. Al-Dewany therefore has some hope that COP26 will lead to some significant change.

Her weak faith in the conference is evident in another article where she accuses world leaders of hypocrisy. The double standards in that politicians fly to the conference with private jets and previously unfulfilled promises of change show that they do not take the crisis seriously, she says. 

The Center Party Emma Weisner and Rickard Nordin has a more positive picture of what opportunities COP26 can present. They think that Sweden's role in COP26 is to set an example. They believe that there is a general will to move forward at the conference. Sweden must therefore, according to them, take a leading role and act as a role model for other countries. 

But at the same time as hopes are being raised that Sweden will take leading initiatives in climate change, Swedish companies are being accused of going in the opposite direction. Torbjörn Vennström from the association Klimataktion points out that Swedish banks contribute financially to emissions of fossil fuels, as the seven largest banks in Sweden invest a total of 97 billion in oil drilling in the Arctic.

- Capital still steers us straight towards an exacerbated climate crisis, Vennström writes.

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