Foreign Minister Tobias Billström (M) received sharp criticism during last week's debate - among other things for having called Turkey a democracy. Photo: Reinis Inkēns, Saeima's Administration. Source: Wikimedia commons.

Current debate

Week 44: Debaters criticize the government on several points

Foreign Minister Tobias Billström's (M) statements about Turkey have stirred emotions during the past week's debate. The new government's aid and climate policy has also been debated. 

Last week's debate was characterized by the new government's handling of sensitive foreign policy issues. Foreign Minister Tobias Billström (M) legitimizes Erdoğan's dictatorship when he refers to Turkey as a democracy. This is the opinion of Staffan I. Lindberg, professor of political science at the University of Gothenburg and director of the V-Dem Institute, Åsa Wikforss, professor of theoretical philosophy at Stockholm University and Mårten Wikforss, communications advisor, in Aftonbladet.

- As the new foreign minister in a government dependent on a right-wing nationalist party, it is absolutely crucial that Tobias Billström and the government stand up for the basic values ​​of democracy, they write.

Furthermore, the government's climate policy has been criticized. Ulf Kristersson (M) is compared in Aftonbladet with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro by Rebecka Le Moine (MP), Member of Parliament in the EU Committee and Spokesperson for Biodiversity. She criticizes the "knowledge-denying" government's opposition to primeval forest protection, and fears that the domestic climate policy will embarrass Sweden when we soon take over the presidency of the EU.

The Swedish aid has also been debated during the past week. IN Expressen Anna Tibblin, Secretary General of We Effect, urges the government not to forget or ignore the principles of aid when seeking synergies between trade and development work.

- The aid is not a means of pressure to control the politics of other countries, it is not a currency to bargain with, she writes.

Sweden's relationship with China has also been discussed. In an interview in Svenska Dagbladet warned Cui Amini, China's ambassador to Sweden, that improved relations with Taiwan could have consequences. Patrik Oksanen, columnist at Svenska Dagbladet's editorial, to warn that China is trying to take over the world's interpretative primacy. The international network of Chinese police stations recently exposed by Safeguard Defenders has also been debated. IN Dagens Nyheter Gunnar Jonsson, lead writer at Dagens Nyheter, raises concerns about pressure on Chinese citizens living outside China.

Sweden's relationship with Turkey

Turkey is not a democracy, Billström

Staffan I. Lindberg, professor of political science and director of the V-Dem Institute, University of Gothenburg, Åsa Wikforss, professor of theoretical philosophy, Stockholm University and author of "Därför demokrati" (2021), Mårten Wikforss, communications advisor and co-author of "Therefore Democracy" (2021), Aftonbladet. 

Kristersson is stuck in Erdoğan's fox scissors

Jonas Gummesson, journalist and author, Expressen. 

Embarrassing that no one is pressuring Billström about the crawling for Turkey

Amineh Kakabaveh, former independent socialist Member of Parliament and chairman of the association Neither Whore nor Kuvad, Göteborgs-Posten. 

The new government's climate policy

Kristersson has become Sweden's Bolsonaro

Rebecka Le Moine, Member of Parliament in the EU Committee and spokesperson for biological diversity (MP), Aftonbladet.   

The Nordic countries could be a major power for the climate

Sasja Beslik, international finance profile in sustainability, investment manager at SDG Impact Japan, Simon Holmström, initiator of climate proposals in the Nordic Council (Mittengroup), member of the Åland Legislative Assembly, Aftonbladet. 

We projected CLIMATE FAILURE in the Riksdag

Zachari, head of office at the people's movement Skiftet, Maria Hammer, campaigner at the people's movement Skiftet. 

Sweden's Iran policy

Wallström: Time to update the Iran policy!

Margot Wallström (S), Sweden's Minister for Foreign Affairs 2014–2019, Svenska Dagbladet.

Swedish media turn a blind eye to our suffering in Iran

Saadat Karimi, file. dr. in mathematics, university teacher. Chairman of the association "Azerbaijanska Akademiker i Sverige". 

Relations with China

The Chinese dragon sharpens its claws

Patrik Oksanen, editorial writer, Svenska Dagbladet. 

Xi Jinping's prison knows no national walls

Gunnar Jonsson, editorial writer, Dagens Nyheter. 

Europe must help the US maintain the world's borders

Gunnar Jonsson, editorial writer, Dagens Nyheter. 

Sweden's aid policy

The aid cannot only benefit Swedish interests

Anna Tibblin, general secretary of We Effect, the cooperative companies' aid organization, Expressen debate. 

Russian Federation

Russia is using world hunger as a weapon

DN's editorial board, Dagens Nyheter.

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