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Week 41: New government proposal agreed to reduce aid and five years since the start of #metoo

The new government with Ulf Kristersson as prime minister will drop the one percent target and work to reduce Sweden's aid. The proposal arouses criticism from humanitarian organizations but is encouraged by some bourgeois leaders. Meanwhile, it's been five years since #metoo took the world by storm. 

On Friday (14/11), Jimmie Åkesson (SD), Ulf Kristersson (M), Ebba Busch (KD) and Johan Pehrson (L) stepped up to the podium in the Riksdag's press room and stated that they had agreed on the policy around seven main areas and therefore ready to release Ulf Kristersson as prime minister in Monday's vote. Part of the agreement is that Sweden will reduce its aid and thereby drop the long-accepted one percent target, where approximately one percent of the gross national income (GNI) has been set aside annually. 

- A 30 percent reduction in the aid budget would, for example, mean that our work with food supply reaches approximately one million fewer people, says Anna Tibblin, general secretary of We Effect, and Charlotta Szczepanowski, chairperson of Vi-Skogen, and regrets that the government in this situation abandons the one percent goal i Aftonbladet.

Today's News Isobel Hadley-Kamptz believes that the proposed reduction in Swedish aid is a "fully acceptable political stance" but that the parties driving the issue, the Moderates and the Sweden Democrats, must be clear about what is to be saved. 

Svenska Dagbladet's Mattias Svensson believes that aid money flows away to the well-off in Sweden. He uses as an example that "organisations from the so-called civil society shamelessly provide themselves with tax money earmarked to help the world's poor". There is, according to him, "a lot of money to save on aid, without it affecting the world's poor in any way". 

It's also almost exactly five years since actress Alyssa Milano first used the hashtag #metoo in a Facebook post, following rape allegations against then-Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. The Swedish debate has during the week revolved around how the world has actually changed since then, and Southern Sweden Heidi Avellan believes that it has not changed much, but in the right direction.

- More girls know their worth, women stand up. Also in Iran, she writes.

Government formation

The world is starving - increase Sweden's food aid
Anna Tibblin and Charlotta Szczepanowski, Aftonbladet 

Girls' schools, rape care and strengthened property rights for small farmers - that's where Swedish aid goes
Isobel Hadley-Kamptz, Dagens Nyheter 

Reduced aid does not affect the poor
Mattias Svensson, Svenska Dagbladet  

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The editorial staff, Dagens Nyheter 

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When the girls don't take shit anymore
Heidi Avellan, Southern Sweden 

Metoo went from justice movement to general sex moralism
Lisa Magnusson, Dagens Nyheter

The protests in Iran

We must do everything in our power for the women of Iran
Alexandra Pascalidou, Amanda Lundeteg, Amanda Lundeteg, Anne-Marie Morhed, Bella Battaglioli, Bernardita Nunez, Birgitta Sevefjord, Britt-Marie S Torstensson, Bulle Davidsson, Camilla Wagner, Cecila Silfwerbrand, Christine Olsen, Elsy Hedlund, Emma Knaggård Wendt, Ewa Larsson , Gertrud Åström, Gunnel Hall, Hacer Korucu, Iante Holmberg, Irada Söderberg, Jenny Westerstrand, Kerstin Åkare, Klaudia Jagne, Lisel Naeslund, Maria Johansson, Maria Rashidi, Marie Trollvik, Olga Persson, Seyran Duran, Sofia Kühner, Susannah Sjöberg, Susanne Sznajderman-Rytz, Teresia Gamme and Walla Carlsson, Aftonbladet 

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Kristersson's lockdowns must not stop support for Iran
Märta Stenevi, Alice Bah Kuhnke and Jacob Risberg, Expressen 

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