During the past week, several debaters have criticized the government's budget and its impact on the climate. Photo: Ninni Andersson/Governingskansliet.

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Week 38: Debaters critical of the government's budget: "The climate gets a blow"

During the past week, Sweden's government has presented its budget bill - which arouses both concern and anger in the environmental and climate debate. Several debaters believe that the government's reduced petrol tax and reduced climate measures will be a dangerous course change that threatens the fulfillment of the climate goals.

The government continues with a sharp reduction in climate ambitions in Sweden, writes Dagens Nyheter's editorial staff. The reduced petrol tax and the reduced reduction obligation lead to Sweden's climate work going in the wrong direction, where neither the milestones for 2030 and 2040, nor the goal of climate neutrality by 2045 will be achieved, they believe.

- Here it is indeed possible to speak of a paradigm shift, they write.

DN's lead writer Susanne Nyström believes that the government's budget and its setback for Sweden and climate change do not come as a surprise.

- In his first major interview as a minister, Svantesson highlighted that the climate goals are not a priority. And Climate and Environment Minister Romina Pourmokhtari (L) has avoided answering whether she believes the government's efforts will achieve the climate goal, she writes.

Despite Finance Minister Elisabeth Svantesson (M) trying to defend the government's climate policy as effective, the Government Office's own calculations show that emissions will increase and the targets will fail, according to Expressen's editorial staff.

- When you lower both the fuel taxes and the reduction obligation, it does not matter that you sprinkle a little money on charging infrastructure, scrapping premiums and the industrial step, they write.

Expressen's editor-in-chief also writes that the government is not only looking to increase emissions - it is also reducing protection against the storms, floods and landslides that follow in the wake of climate change.

- Just like when it comes to emissions, we become more exposed and the costs higher the longer we postpone the job to the future, they write.

Criticism of the government's budget

The budget is actually mostly a mess   

The editorial staff, Dagens Nyheter 

The government admits that the climate policy is a disaster    

Susanne Nyström, editorial writer, Dagens Nyheter

Svantesson cannot talk away the shortcomings in the budget

The editorial staff, Expressen

Shouldn't the government protect the common people?

The editorial staff, Expressen

The government is cheating the future

Mattias Svensson, editorial writer, Svenska Dagbladet

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