During the past week, several debaters have written about the EU's migration pact. Some defend the pact and say it will reduce immigration, while others criticize it and say it could contribute to more deaths at sea. Photo (left): Canva. Photo (right): Commander, US Naval Forces Europe. Source: Flickr.

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Week 22: Migration in focus as debaters set their sights on the EU elections

The week before the EU elections sailed EU's migration pact back on the debate pages. The Pact severely criticized by several pkribent, who believe that it undermines the right to asylum and contributes to abuses against refugees. The Migration Pact chief negotiator, Thomas Tobe (M), mean However, that it is a step in the right direction towards lower immigration to Sweden and Europe.  

On Aftonbladet's editorial page comments Lizette Romero Niknami Task Review episode "The game about migration". The documentary depicts, among other things, the Moderates' EU parliamentarian Tomas Tobé, who was chief negotiator for the EU's so-called Migration Pact. Romero Niknami calls the pact "shameful" and claims that it undermines the right to asylum. She also believes that Tomas Tobé "cares most about his rumbling stomach". 

- While Tobé is munching on pasta at a meeting, he explains that he has to eat to keep his spirits up. Then the program is cross-cut to images from a rescue operation. Civil society's SOS Humanity pulls people out of the sea, and are fired upon by the Libyan coast guard, she writes. 

The Migration Pact also receives harsh criticism in a debate article in Goteborgs-posten. The writers, environmentalists Mats Svanteman and Micael Grenholm, refer to information that EU citizens' tax money is used to abuse refugees.  

- Already in 2017 there were reports that the EU funded groups in Libya involved in slavery to prevent migrants from reaching Europe, and as recently as last year the UN reported that EU funds are still funding groups that use rape as a means to keep children enslaved, they write.  

Tomas Tobé, on the other hand, claims Dagens Nyheter's debate page that the pact is "a step in the right direction". He also proposes further measures to reduce migration to the EU. For example, he wants to see a deepened cooperation with the countries in North Africa. 

- The EU also needs to send border guards from the agency Frontex to countries outside Europe, for example North Africa, to fight the smuggling networks and sign more agreements that ensure that the countries receive their own citizens, he writes. 

The migration issue in the EU election

Tobé (M) cares most about his rumbling stomach 

Lizette Romero Niknami, Aftonbladet 

Our tax money goes to slave trade and rape 

Mats Svanteman and Micael Grenholm (MP), Göteborgs-Posten 

"The EU needs a zero vision for economic migration" 

Tomas Tobé (M), DN Debate 

Our values ​​should not be optional for immigrants  

Ebba Busch and Alice Teodorescu Måwe (KD), Expressen 

The climate issue in the EU election

"Averting environmental disaster requires higher growth." 

Alessio Terzi, economist in the European Commission, and Gernot Wagner, climate economist active at Columbia Business School in the USA, Sydsvenskan 

"We must recognize the role of population growth in the climate crisis." 

Pontus Bergendahl, Stefan B Nilsson, Anne Casparsson and Petra Schagerholm (Klimatalliansen), Sydsvenskan  

Establish an EU fund that can equip us against climate change 

Muharrem Demirok, Emma Wiesner and Rickard Nordin (C), Göteborgs-Posten 

EU Asylum and Migration Pact

EU member states have been negotiating the Asylum and Migration Pact for several years. It was finally approved in April 2024. Among other things, the pact aims to reduce the burden on the EU countries where most migrants arrive and offer a more efficient system for registering and processing asylum applications, according to the EU. However, the migration pact has attracted criticism from both the right and the left. Read more about the pact and the opinions of some Swedish EU parliamentarians about it here.

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