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Week 22: The climate issue, Israeli and Chinese policies in this week's debate

This week, the climate issue has been debated from a child rights perspective, among other things, and it has also been contrasted with the health issue. It has also continued to discuss Israel's policy and the Jewish Youth League has drawn attention to anti-Semitism in Sweden. China's policies have also been highlighted, partly due to China's treatment of Uighurs in Xinjiang province.

During the week, the climate issue has continued to be debated from several perspectives. Chairman of the Save the Children Youth Association and two representatives of Aurora believes that the lack of awareness of the seriousness of the climate crisis is inconceivable, and that it is even life-threatening for children and young people:

- How can the Swedish state be considered to respect children's rights when it consistently opposes our opportunity for a future? writes Anton Foley, Ida Edling Müller and Hanna Thessén.

The environmental zone rules have also been debated. Several European cities see environmental zones as a tool to accelerate electrification while improving air quality.

- That is how we should reason in Sweden as well, writes three debaters from IVL Swedish Environmental Institute.

In a debate article in ETC. According to health care representatives, climate change is the biggest global health threat of the 2000st century.

- The changes have an accelerating impact on human health, but despite this, the issue is surprisingly invisible in Swedish public health policy. We in health care demand change - before it is too late.

Israel's policies are being criticized

Following the conflict between Hamas and Israel in May, this theme continues to be discussed. Inna Michaeli, sociologist and board member of the German organization Jewish Voice for a Just Peace in the Middle East, believes that it is important to distinguish between Israel and Jews in order to maintain an anti-racist stance.

- The Israeli apartheid system bases its legitimacy, among other things, on the story that if Israel collapses, all Jews will do so, in Palestine and in the rest of the world.

The debater asks himself the question "Suppose that Jewish life does not require Palestinian death."

- What if Jewish existence does not mean that Jews must necessarily become occupiers, colonizers, childminders. Is not the expectation of us to become precisely these things in itself the worst anti-Semitic assumption of all?

Israel is also debated in Dagens nyheter where Gunnar Jonsson believes that it is time for Israel to change prime minister because Benjamin Netanyahu is blocking initiatives:

- Israel must try another way to secure peace and democracy. Perhaps an unprincipled compromise will come in handy.

The Jewish Youth League draws attention the unpleasant development of anti-Semitism directed at young Swedish Jews. They criticize that condemnations from anti-racist organizations have been happy with their absence.

- Is anti-Semitism not included in the fight against racism?

It warns of a worrying development around Europe in the face of growing anti-Semitism.

Criticism of China's regime

June 4 was the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. The debater Arvid Åhlund mean in Expressen that the Swedish business community and the government must realize what forces we are dealing with.

- That in-depth economic integration will solve the problems in the long run, as for example the Wallenbergs claim, are free fantasies.

He believes that Sweden needs to develop a new China strategy because the strategy from 2019 is outdated.

- Then push for a tougher and more consistent foreign policy in the EU.

Recently, China's treatment of Uighurs in Xinjiang Province has also been criticized by human rights organizations, international organizations and a number of countries. Among other things, the US Secretary of State has come out with sharp criticism and the EU, the US, Canada and the UK recently jointly imposed sanctions on China. Faradj Koliev, researcher in political science at Stockholm University, believes that with the right pressure strategy and diplomacy, the international community can help the Uighur people of China and that the International Labor Organization (ILO) can play a crucial role.

- The ILO's experience in Uzbekistan and its pragmatic approach would give China an opportunity to reconsider its policy without losing face. In any case, this is worth a try.

Continued debate on the poison scandal in Chile

In a debate article in Svenska dagbladet continues the debate on the poison scandal in Chile. Jonas Ebbesson, professor of environmental law and representative for Arica Victims in the legal process, believes that the Swedish mining company Boliden should help to rectify and correct the company's mistakes in Chile in the 1980s, instead of distorting the writing of history.

- The costs of managing the waste in a sustainable way are modest in relation to the profits that Boliden makes (approximately SEK 1 billion per month during the past six months).


A selection of the last week's editorial and debate articles on global development and Sweden's role in the world: 

Kilmat and environment:

Climate policy is contrary to the Convention on the Rights of the Child
Anton Foley, Ida Edling Müller, Aurora, Hanna Thessén, Save the Children's Youth Association. Aftonbladet.

"Let cities shut down diesel trucks"
Mats-Ola Larsson, Anders Roth and Ågot Watne, Swedish Environmental Institute. Swedish daily newspaper.

The climate crisis is the biggest health threat
Klas Ytterbrink Nordenskiöld, Doctor of the Environment and others. ETC.

The parties are on the sidelines - not us climate activists
Simon Boerenbeker Klang, Sigrid Gyllenspetz Munro, Douglas Malm Rath. Aftonbladet.

Israel & Palestine

Jewish life does not require Palestinian death
Inna Michaeli, Jewish Voice for a Just Peace in the Middle East. ETC.

Why are anti-racists so silent about anti-Semitism?
Benjamin Blecher and Nina Tojzner, the Jewish Youth Association in Sweden. Expressen.

Gunnar Jonsson: Survivor Netanyahu on his way to doom - it's time
Gunnar Jonsson. Today's news.


"There are ways to help the Uighurs"
Faradj Koliev. Swedish daily newspaper.

The Wallenbergs are too naive about China's power
Arvid Åhlund. Expressen.


"Boliden distorts the writing of history"
Jonas Ebbesson, Professor of Environmental Law. Swedish daily newspaper.

Gunnar Jonsson: Difficult EU hunt for tougher power in Africa
Gunnar Jonsson. Today's news.

Danish S wants to dump asylum seekers in Africa
Jehna Al-Moushahidi. Aftonbladet.

Martin Liby Troein: In the worst case, Peru gives a foretaste of the pandemic's political consequences 
Martin Liby Troein. Today's news

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