Jimmie Åkesson (SD) wants to evaluate Sweden's EU membership, which has provoked reactions among debaters on Swedish opinion pages during the past week. Photo: bobsled/Per Pettersson. Source: Flickr.

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Week 18: Several debaters skeptical of Åkesson's criticism of the EU

On Tuesday, Aftonbladet published a debate article in which Jimmie Åkesson (SD) writes that there are great reasons to evaluate Sweden's membership in the EU. Since then, this topic has come to dominate debate and editorial pages in several of the media.  

Jimmie Åkesson (SD) writes in his debate article i Aftonbladet that he thinks it is time to evaluate Swedish EU membership. He believes that the EU in its current form is the European form of cooperation that is realistic in the short and medium term, but that Sweden has given away too significant parts of the right to self-determination and that we need to influence the union so that it benefits Sweden more.

- It is time to charge for all the hundreds of billions we have shipped off to the EU. It is no longer about what we can do for the EU, but rather what the EU can do for us, he writes.

However, there are several who criticize Jimmie Åkesson's statement that "the EU is about to become a straitjacket for Sweden". One of them is MEP Karin Karlsbro (L), who writes in Everything that the statement comes at a time when it is crucial that the EU sticks together to act jointly against Putin's war of aggression against Ukraine.

Susanne Birgersson, lead writer at Expressen, emphasizes in her article that Sweden's EU membership is a very complex issue with many angles that must all be taken into account in a possible investigation. She believes that the question of whether or not the EU benefits Sweden is difficult to answer, but she also writes that it is clear that Sweden needs the EU at the moment because of, among other things, Ukraine.

- Without the EU, we have no economic weapons. Sweden has an obvious economic, cultural and security policy interest in Europe doing well. Imagine if that could be the starting point in the debates that will soon get under way before next year's EU elections, writes Susanne Birgersson.

Hans Wallmark, chairman of the EU committee (M), says in his debate article that there are sometimes reasons to be critical of the policies that the EU develops, but that Jimmie Åkesson overturns the debate by only mentioning the negative sides of the cooperation. He also highlights that the Swedes' support for our EU membership has never been greater.

- The support has been strong for a long time, but the war in Ukraine has, for easily understood reasons, contributed to further strengthening it, he writes in Aftonbladet.

Sweden's EU membership

The EU is about to become a straitjacket for Sweden

Jimmie Åkesson, Aftonbladet

The EU's increased supranationality must be discussed in Sweden

Naomi Abramowicz, Gothenburg Post

SD sits on the stand and makes a straw man

Hans Wallmar, Aftonbladet

M are unresponsive to the problems with the EU

Charlie Weimers, Aftonbladet

So yeah Åkesson, now you're on the right track

Susanna Kierkegaard, Aftonbladet

Lucky that Jimmie Åkesson's EU policy lacks support

Karin Karlsbro (L), MEP and member of the party board, Altinget

Jimmie Åkesson's flying circus

Fredrik Johansson, Svenska Dagbladet

The EU is entering a new migration crisis

Thomas Tobé (M), MEP, Expressen

Both Åkesson and Pehrson talk nonsense about the EU

Susanne Birgersson, Expressen

If SD decides, perhaps swexit would be best for Europe

DN's editorial staff

Swedish membership in NATO

Don't let the new laws lead to pat-hunting of Kurds

Kurdo Basksi, author, etc., Aftonbladet

Swedish support for Taiwan

Sweden must continue to stand up for Taiwan

Olle Wästberg, Svenska Dagbladet


Legalization does not solve the surrogate trade

Susannah Sjöberg, chairman Sweden's women's organisations, Aftonbladet

Anti-Modern Slavery Act

Sweden drops law against modern slavery 

Ilan De Basso, The Express 

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