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Week 17: New wave of covid-19 in India, Swedish geopolitics and authoritarian regimes

This week, the debate has mainly focused on global health, focusing on India's new wave of covid-19, so-called vaccine nationalism, and how the Indian government has handled the crisis. It has also been written about Erdogan's influence on Swedish history writing and about Swedish handling of authoritarian regimes.

In both Aftonbladet and Dagens Nyheter, the situation in India, with a new worrying wave of covids infected, has aroused debate. Ingvar Persson from Aftonbladet tells about a desperate situation in the country, where the oxygen has run out in many hospitals and relatives are forced to ask for help on the black market. He also points out that India's situation is a consequence of a nationalist handling of the crisis. 

In a leader from Dagens Nyheter, it is argued against 'vaccine nationalism' where countries refuse to share vaccines with other parts of the world. This is believed to have led to a new virus variant having developed in India. Gunnar Jonsson from Dagens Nyheter claims that The Indian government waved off the threat about a second pandemic wave and is now trying to silence the legitimate criticism that has been leveled at the country's handling of the crisis. Peter Moberger, chairman of MSF in Sweden, also warns that malaria risks gaining ground in the world while a large part of the resources for global health are spent on fighting the covid-19 pandemic.

Erdogan's influence on Sweden's description of history

In connection with the anniversary of the Armenian genocide of 1915 - the writing of history around the event has been discussed. The editorial staff at Expressen criticizes Foreign Minister Anne Linde's choice to call the incident a mass assault, as Sweden acknowledged the genocide as early as 2010. Gunnar Jonsson describes falsification of history as part of Turkey's national identity and believes that Linde's choice of words aims to "keep Erdogan in a good mood". Both Jonsson and Expressen's editorial staff had wanted a more straightforward statement.

How should Sweden handle authoritarian regimes?

Sweden's relations with Russia and China have also been discussed during the week. Ulf Kristersson and Hans Wallmark describe how the repression of the Russian regime increased both nationally and internationally. After Anders Holmberg's interview with China's Swedish Ambassador Gui Congyou on SVT and the trial regarding Huawei's participation in the Swedish 5G network, DN writers have discussed how the country's authoritarian governance should be addressed. Jens Runnberg emphasizes the importance of questioning China's lack of rule of law and the oppression of Uighurs. DN's editorial staff agrees and argues for the importance of democracies uniting against China's human rights abuses.

A selection of the last week's editorial and debate articles on global development and Sweden's role in the world: 


The devastating sting
Peter Moberger (surgeon and chairman of Médecins Sans Frontières in Sweden), ETC.

India's corona crisis is affecting our daily lives
Ingvar Persson, Aftonbladet

Censorship is the wretched medicine of Hindu nationalism against the coronavirus
Gunnar Jonsson

India shows why we must end vaccine nationalism
DN's editorial staff 

Geopolitics and authoritarian regimes

Swedish weapons can end up in the wrong hands
Björn Söder (SD), Markus Wiechel (SD), Mats Nordberg (SD) and Sara Gille (SD), Aftonbladet

Sweden should bring home IS women and children
Jonna Sima, Aftonbladet

Erdogan will not control Swedish history writing
The editorial staff, Expressen

Sweden should follow Joe Biden - and speak clearly about genocide
Gunnar Jonsson

Raise Sweden's voice against the Russian regime
Ulf Kristersson & Hans Wallmark, M 

This is what the dictatorship's belly puppet sounded like in a bizarre SVT interview
Jens Runnberg

It will not be free to stand up to Beijing
DN's editorial staff

The government speaks to Lukashenko with a split tongue
Tove Lifvendahl


What to do when everyone is lying?
Johan Ehrenberg, ETC.

Praised activist: The right to housing is a global struggle
Louise Lindfors (Secretary General of the African Groups) and Ingrid Lomfors (Superintendent of the Living History Forum), ETC

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