In mid-April, the Social Democratic prime ministers of Sweden and Finland - Magdalena Andersson and Sanna Marin - met to discuss the countries' possible entry into NATO. Now, among other things, Aftonbladet's editorial board is turning on the issue - and believes that Sweden should join NATO. Photo: FinnishGovernment. Source: Flickr.

Current debate

Week 16: Debators turn on the NATO issue

Last week's debate and leadership pages revolved to a large extent around the riots that took place in several Swedish cities during the Easter weekend. The global issues that were discussed continued to be about a possible Swedish membership in NATO - and among other things, Aftonbladet's management side has changed their opinion on the issue.

The Koran burning that Rasmus Paludan, leader of the Danish right-wing extremist party Stram Kurs, carried out and planned to carry out in several Swedish cities and the subsequent riots has aroused a lot of emotions and reactions. Swedish leadership and debate sites have therefore mainly been focused on national issues such as freedom of expression and the police mandate during the past week.

The discussions that have had a global focus have primarily been on the NATO issue. During the week, Aftonbladet's editorial page has changed its opinion on this, and now wants to Sweden will become a member of NATO.

- I do not really see how Sweden and Finland will be able to guarantee our security outside NATO when Russia in 2022 is prepared to start a full-scale war of aggression against a neighboring country completely unprovoked, Anders Lindberg writes on Aftonbladet's editorial page.

I Svenska Dagbladet directs Pål Jonson and Hans Wallmark (M) criticism of the government and the Social Democrats' internal discussions on NATO membership. The process needs to be "significantly accelerated", according to Jonson and Wallmark.

The S-women in Skåne write, together with representatives from other organizations, in Sydsvenskan about why Sweden should not join NATO. Freedom of alliance and nuclear weapons is emphasized at the same time as the question of under which commander Sweden wants to be under is asked.

- Does Sweden want to be under the command of Donald Trump if he were to be re-elected US President? Does Sweden want to send troops to Turkey if the country's president Recep Tayyip Erdogan enters a war situation? Both scenarios will be effects of a Swedish membership in NATO, they write. 

The debate on NATO

M: Speed ​​up the Swedish NATO process
Pål Jonson and Hans Wallmark, Svenska Dagbladet 

Putin's war shows that we need to join NATO
Anders Lindberg, Aftonbladet 

"There are several reasons why Sweden should stay out of NATO."
Ingalill Bjartén, Madeleine Göransson, Ingegerd Municio, Gudrun Schyman, Jea Jonsson and Anita Ullman, Sydsvenskan 

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