Several debaters demand that Sweden immediately introduce a ban on international surrogate arrangements. Photo: Tumisu. Source: Pixabay.

Current debate

Week 16: Debaters in appeal against international surrogate trade

About 30 debaters wants to ban international surrogacy arrangements. They believe that Swedish citizens take advantage of vulnerable women in poor countries. Russia's invasion of Ukraine has also been discussed during the past week - and Aftonbladet's editorial writer mean to the West should do more to support Ukraine.

31 debaters, including journalists and feminists, writes in one debate article in Aftonbladet that Sweden's Riksdag and government are obliged to take measures to prevent Swedish citizens from using surrogacyter to have children abroad and thered exploits vulnerable women in poor countries. The debaters demand that Sweden immediately introduce a ban on surrogate trade that is arranged internationally.

Surrogacy is not allowed in Sweden, but Swedes continue to hire and contribute to surrogates the growing reproductive traden, according to the debaters. The the reproductive industry seeks out countries where women's rights are lacking and the situation is vulnerable, for example due to conflicts, which means that they are able to bear children for well-to-do Westerners. Surrogate motherhood also carries serious health risks and research can show what psychological suffering surrogate motherhood entails for the women, they write.

Western support for Ukraine

Anders Lindberg writes in an editorial in Aftonbladet that Putin will soon enter the next phase of the war and that if the outside world does not increase its support for Ukraine, the country will be hit even harder and the death toll will rise. Ukraine has also, according to classified documents from American intelligence, lack of, among other things, ammunition to be effective. Therefore, Anders Lindberg believes that it is important that the West provides Ukraine with weapons systems, and that the production of ammunition and spare parts can be absolutely decisive for Ukraine. 

- Our political will in the West determines how many Ukrainian soldiers will have to die, he writes.  

Appeal against the surrogate trade

Introduce a ban on the surrogate trade now

Ida Östensson, public educator; Katarina Svensson Flood, midwife; Petra Tötterman Andorff, secretary general Kvinna till kvinna, et al., Aftonbladet

The war in Ukraine

We haven't given Ukraine enough against Putin yet

Anders Lindberg, Aftonbladet

The climate issue

"The fashion industry's green lies must be banned"

Alice Bah Kuhnke (MP) EU Member of Parliament and one of the EU Parliament's main negotiators for the EU's new textile strategy, Expressen

"That's how we stop burning"

Johan Ehrenberg, Dagens ETC


"The risks of AI should not be ignored"

Petter Martinsson (S), former political expert in the Cabinet Committee, Dagens Nyheter 


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