The entrepreneur and Tesla founder Elon Musk, among others, has discussed a pause for the development of artificial intelligence - a discussion that Swedish debaters have also engaged in during the past week. Photo: Ted Conference. Source: Flickr.

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Week 15: Debaters disagree on the risks of AI development

The technological development around artificial intelligence, AI, is moving forward at a furious pace – something that debaters regard as both positive and negative for global development. The climate issue and whether Sweden can achieve the climate goals have also been discussed during the past week.

The debate about the development of AI characterizes Swedish opinion pages. Mathias Sundin, chairman of the Warp Institute foundation and former Member of Parliament for the Liberals, believes that we should not pause the development of artificial intelligence - as Elon Musk, among others, has suggested.

- The development is not a threat and does not need to be paused, but AI should be used in the right way and by the right actors, writes Mathias Sundin in a debate article in Aftonbladet.

He believes that you have to think about it which opportunities and breakthroughs risk never seeing the light of day if the development of such technology is damaged.

- Now the democratic countries are leading in the development of AI and then pausing the development gives China, Russia and other malicious actors a chance to catch up and, in the worst case, take the lead, he writes.

But Mathias Sundin's position is criticized. In a reply writes professor Olle Häggström that humanity is in the process of creating AI that surpasses our intelligence - and that we must therefore ensure that the machine has the right driving forces.

- To avoid disaster, agreements are needed to slow down the pace, he writes.

Olle Häggström believes that Mathias Sundin's rhetoric "is taken for granted that Chinese companies would be less willing than American ones to take responsibility and cooperate in avoiding an AI apocalypse”.

"Thethe approach to sustainable development is going far too slowly"

The discussion about the climate issue and the green transition goes on, as well last week, warm in Swedish opinion pages. Gabriel Vikström, national coordinator for Agenda 2030, believes that climate change is going too slowly.

- The technology and knowledge exist, but better organization is required at the highest political level, he signs DN Debate.

Expressen's lead writer Malin Swe does not believe that Sweden will reach the climate goals by 2030.

- In order to come close, new fossil-free energy is needed in large numbers, she writes.

The development of AI

Elon Musk is right, it's time for an AI break

Peter Gustavsson, editorial writer, Aftonbladet

Pausing AI is dangerous – then China could take over 

That an AI apocalypse threatens is pure fantasy 

Mathias Sundin, chairman of the foundation Warp Institute and former Member of Parliament for the Liberals, Aftonbladet

A break is needed to avoid AI apocalypse

Olle Häggström, professor of mathematical statistics at Chalmers and signatory of the FLI letter, Aftonbladet

Does AI development have to be paused?

Editorial board, Svenska dagbladet

The climate issue

"The climate goals are within reach - if the will is there" 

Gabriel Wikstrom, national coordinator for Agenda 2030, Dagens nyheter

Bad consciences will never save the world

Johan Ehrenberg, Dagens ETC

Politicians must choose between climate and environment

Malin Siwe, Expressen

CHAT: Does politics take the climate threat seriously?



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