Torbjörn Becker, head of the Institute of Eastern Economics at the Stockholm School of Economics, calls on the western world to introduce new, tougher sanctions against Russia's leadership. "Sanctions against oil could run out of Putin's money," he wrote. Photo: DimitroSevastopol. Source: Pixabay.

Current debate

Week 13: "More sanctions against Russia - now"

Why the Western world must increase sanctions against Russia and how Sweden's potential NATO accession can put peace negotiations between Russia and Ukraine in a critical situation has been debated over the past week.

The war must cost Vladimir Putin more and neutrality does not exist, therefore we in the West have an obligation to act, argues Torbjörn Becker, head of the Institute of Economics at the Stockholm School of Economics, in DN. The introduction of sanctions against oil and gas exports and further increase sanctions against Russian banks is what will empty Putin's wallet and eventually oust him from power, Becker says.

- For our own freedom, and to be able to see ourselves in the mirror of history and the eyes of the Ukrainian people, we must support Ukraine all the way today. That means more aid to Ukraine and more sanctions against Russia - now, he writes.

Sweden's possible NATO accession

With the escalation of the war, Sweden's possible entry into NATO has also continued to be debated.

- A Swedish NATO accession would be a betrayal of Ukraine, writes Per Gahrton, former EU parliamentarian for the Green Party, in Sydsvenskan.

Ukraine is willing to declare neutrality and not join military alliances in exchange for other countries' guaranteed security support. Zelensky says that Ukraine can thus refrain from NATO, but that the country wants to join the EU.

Russia uses Sweden's neutrality as an example for Ukraine - and in that case can imagine a compromise. But the compromise solution is based on Sweden remaining neutral, says Per Gahrton, and therefore argues that Sweden's potential NATO accession jeopardizes a possible peaceful solution to the war in Ukraine.

Russia's war in Ukraine

Sanctions on oil could run out of Putin's money

Torbjörn Becker, Dagens Nyheter

Enter a neutral Ukraine into the EU

Per Gahrton (former MP), Sydsvenskan

The illusions have broken in several places

Janerik Larsson, Svenska Dagbladet

Orbán has made Hungary a copy of Russia

Jonna Simma, Aftonbladet

Europe must stop replenishing Putin's treasury

The editorial staff, Expressen

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